Coronavirus and me ✨

Hello 🖐 here some TIPS so you don’t get bored being at home, stay calm without getting bored x

Our world is going through a very sensitive time and there is still no cure for this Coronavirus that has now become a Pandemic.

We are exhorted to be in our houses and avoid contact by contagious, we are being given rules to follow and we should not take it as a joke, it’s time to reflect and choose to survive, it’s time to accept these rules until can find the Cure.
I know, many would be bothered not to go to the gym, the pub, social events, be with friends, go out for walks, trips, etc.
Today I want to share some tips to make your stay at home something pleasant.
Remember “No one wins by being stubborn

1- Enjoyed and relax with the TV:

I know that many do not like watch TV, but it’s advisable to see few news and more cheerful programs, that keep them focused, that makes forget about the problem.
Share it with the family and let the children watch his cartoon programs.

Just feel good!

2- Read a Book:

Maybe it’s time to read that book that is not finished, or to read a new one.
If you don’t have the right book at home, you can read it on various internet sites or listen it on YouTube.

Let the children enjoy too and with video games!

3- Make Crafts:

Crafts is a hobby that not only relaxes you but also enjoyed without stress.
There are many types of Hobby and now that you have more time at home, you could learn one or follow your hobby.
You can find topics and descriptions on many Blogs online or on YouTube.

Lets the Children enjoyed too!

4- Cooking or Baked something delicious:

Now, you have free time to put into practice a recipe or cook something delicious that you like it, your family and everyone will be happy!

5- Take a rest:

This is the main thing that is good in these moments, to rest our mind, muscles and make the harmony surround us.
Enjoy this moment of being able to sleep a little more or just lay your body down to relax!

6- Listening music:

Musical waves are the best vitamins for our soul, it relaxes, makes us happy and even makes us sleep … enjoy these magic moments!

7- keep in touch in your PC:

On the Internet we can read magazines, watch films, play interactively, learn a recipe, watch a DIY and Crafts tutorial on YouTube or simply keep in touch with Family and Friends via Network!

8 –Colouring and Drawing:

I tell you that, this is the best method of not having stress or anxiety, because it gives them patience and calm. In addition, colours brighten the soul and provide joyous emotion.
Share them with the children and the elderly of the house.
Painting Mandalas is the best treatment for depression!

9- Play games in Family:

What better time to have fun as a family, with the elderly and children of the house!
Also, let the children play apart, they have a lot of energy so they won’t be bored at home and you too!

10- Avoid putting more stress on the problem:

It’s a moment of hard tension, nerves, cravings, where we do not really know what will happen tomorrow with us or how long it will take to find the cure for this virus.
In this time, you avoid putting more problems in your house, if you are nervous it’s preferable to relax and avoid screaming or altering the tension in your house more, do not get bored with the children or young people in the house, do not feel anxious not to to be able to go out with your friends, don’t feel bored be in your home, it’s your responsibility to put harmony, joy and calm in your house, just think about “surviving you and your family at home“.

11- No Panic:

Panic produces nerves, chaos, disturbances and stress, our immune system will weaken and we will fall into being caught by the virus and we can die … Keep calm, harmony, be happy and avoid disappointments with yourself and family into the home.

My message is to tell you “do your part to survive and not put more chaos at this sensitive time

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