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Well, we are Friday again and maybe some failed to finish their goals and jobs, but let me tell you that it is not our fault but that the universe clock that makes the hours be like the minute!
To all this, we can not bother or feel bad about ourselves, because we would get frustrated or we could fall into depression.
This is why it is important to put our positive mind because it is the only way for our brain to send its positive waves to our body.

This week I re-started my beloved hobby, made many creations and finished fixing the space for my new materials, this week I will not be able to provide my “Diy Video Tutorial” on my YouTube Channel, but I promise to start next week, giving you Ideas and Fantasy your imagination.

The days run very fast and we are already very close to the World celebration of the day of Love and Friendship Valentine’s Day, I have many ideas and projects that I have not been able to show you but in the course of the weeks I will do it, as well as Easter and Mother’s Day (which in some countries is celebrated in March, in others it is in May or September), I hope to show you my projects and have fun doing it!

Well, as you know I not only “create craft projects” but also the Design and “I Write Stories and Books“, nowadays an Editor and Publicist costs a lot and the Book Edition even more! But, Modernity always finds a way out of everything and today there are Online libraries where many give you the opportunity to “Publish your Online Book” and the costs are less than Edit them … I hope, in the future change this and so we can many New writers have the opportunity to edit them in real.

I am also in this and soon I will tell you where I am and you can read and appreciate my Stories and Books.

Today I can only tell you “Patience is the best weapon to fight craving“, that is, I have learned to get patience (it is not easy) but there is a moment in your life that you must accept this and just keep walking or .. Stay halfway.
The decision is always yours remember that the one who pushes your dreams and desires is only you, so take air and courage to have the strength to follow your dream!

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