Yule log 🎄


1 pine
waxed button thread
10 branches of bay
fresh rosemary sprigs
paper ribbon
2 pines cones
rosemary oil
small paint brush

Leaving the waxed thread on the spool tie one end round the log,
lay a branch of bay along the log and bind the spool of thread once round it,
lay another branch of bay beside the first and wind the thread round again,
continue in the same way until the log is covered with bay leaves,
wind more thread around to secure them tightly,
keeping the thread hidden as much as possible,
finally cut and tie the thread,
tuck rosmary springs into the threads and when the log is well covered tie a lengh of paper ribbon round the centre,
finishing it off in a bow,
paint each pine with rosemary oil, tie the cones onto the top of the log with thread and add bows of paper ribbon,
before burning it, make sure you have a good fire going in the grate with other burning wood as a base,
set the log on the top of the fire.

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