Scented garland 🎄


2m length of waxed sash-cord
small branches of pine
38cm long and flexible stub wire of floral
30 circles of shiny fabric (each one 11,5cm) diameter
christmas spicery

To do:
Lay the cord on the floor or table or door or stairs, which you hang it,
take your evergreen branches and wire them security onto the cord,
taking into consideration the final shape,
lift the garland up every so often to make sure that the branches will hang as you wish them to and will not sag at angles,
make gathering stitches around the outsides of each circle of fabric (1,5cm) from the edge pull up the gathers to make small circular bags and fill the bags with Christmas spice.
pull up the gathers tightly and tie them to make a soft scented bauble,
take a piece of wire and push it through the neck of one of the baubles,
wind the short part around the neck of the bauble on a stem wire,
complete the others in the same way, make loops for hanging the baubles at regular intervals along the garland.
decor with big red ribbons!

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