Lasagne 🍽


2 garlic gloves (cut)
750 gr minced beef
500 gr minced pork
4 carrots (in chunks)
4 celery (in chunks)
4 onions (in chunks)
4 tbsp tomato concentrated
2 tin passata tomato
12 lasagne sheets
100 gr parmesan grated
250 gr mozzarella (in chunks)

Heat the oil in a pan, fried the minced, set aside.
In this same oil put the carrots, celery, onions, garlic and food processor, fried for 15′ then add the passata, sal/peper, and cook low heat for 2 hours, set the ragu’ out the heat
for 30′.
Pre heat the oven 180 C
Cover with layer of lasagne the thin layer, add a layer of ragu’ the other layer of lasagne and other of ragu’, cover with mozzarella and parmesan, bake for 35′, leave to rest 30′
before serving.

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