Christmas Coronets 🎅


cotton fabric patterned
lining fabric
cotton thread

Cut out one piece of fabric for the outside of the coronet and another for the lining.
Make a handle bu cutting a 13 cm length of ribbon.
Pin to the top of the lining fabric about 5 cm in from the edge.
Place the outer fabric on top of the lining fabric with right sides facing.
Using a sewing machine and sew across the top.
Using straight stitch approx. 1 cm from the edge, attaching the handle open up.
The triangles and fold in half length ways with right sides facing.
Sew the edges leaving a small gap of about 5 cm halfway down.
The lining to enable you to turn the coronet right side out.
Sew gap closed with slip stitches and complete with sweets to append it!

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