5 Crafts Ideas✨


Thin coloured card
thin white card
tracing paper
felt-tip pens coloured
white paper

Make a pattern of dots on piece of white paper using fel-tips pens coloured.
Try to vary size of dots.
Arrange the pattern on top of your design.
Carefully draw round them, using a felt-tip pens.
Cut out the shapes.
Arrange the shapes onto the front of the greeting card.
When you are happy with your design, glue in place.
With this can decor books, cards, pictures, etc.

“Woollen squares and Pom-poms”


sticky tape
coloured wools
tapestry needle

Cut out a square from the card.
Make sure it is 2,5cm larger all around than you want your finished the square.
Cut slits in the card at two end to make a loom.
Secure and end of the wood onto the back of the loom with sticky tape and then wind the wool twice around ach notch.
Cut off the wool and secure the end with sticky tape.
Thread a tapestry needle with wool.
Tie the end on the first double strand of wool on the loom.
Weave the wool in and out of the loom.
Change colours, do not full the wool to tight or the square will distort.
When the woven pieces is finished, turn the loom over and cut the wool down the centre.
Darn all the loose ends into the woven square, leaving about 2cm of wool.
Pull the ends of the wool and cut, then trim them off.


Cut out two circles of card with smaller circles inside.
The size of the circles will decide the size of your pom-poms.
Put the circle of card together and then wind wool around this.
When the circle in the middle becomes very narrow, use a needle to thread the wool throught.
Slip the scissor between the circles of card and cut the wool all around.
Tie a pieceof wool tightly between the circles of card.
If you leave the ends long, you can use them to attach the pom-poms to a rug. Snip through the card and remove it.

“Woven Bag”

Ribbon 1,25cm
tailor’s chalk
glue PVA
brush glue

You will need 2m of ribbon in all.
Out of this you will need to cut six 16cm lenghts and six 9cm lenghts to make the bag.
You will need an 8cm and a 37cm lenght to make the fastener.
Cut out a rectangle of felt 29cm x 9cm,
Use a piece of tailor’s chalk and a ruler to draw a border 1,5cm in from the edge all around.
Draw three lines 1,5cm apart down the lenght of the felt up to the border.
Carefully cut along the five lines.
Beginning at one end, weave four of the short strands of ribbon in and out of the felt, them three of the long lenghts of ribbon, leaving equal lenghts of ribbon on both sides.
Now, weave in the two remaining short pieces and finally the last three long pieces.
Fix the ribbon to the felt at each end with a blob at each end with a blob of glue.
Attach clothes-pegs to hold the ribbon in place until the glue is dry.
Turn up the bottom of the felt so that the long ribbons are opposite each other.
Glue the sides and then tie the ribbon with knots.
Trim the ends Fold the 8cm lenght of ribbon in half and glue this undernearth the ribbon at the front of the flap to make a loop.
Hold in place with clothes-peg until dry.
Thread the 37cm lenght of ribbon through the woven felt or ribbon on the front of the bag and tie with a bow to secure the flap of the bag.

“Lavender Bags”

18cm cartoon picnic plate
tracing paper
masking tape
fine white synthetic fabric
transfer crayons
white paper
dried lavender
elastic bands
narrow ribbon

Place a plate on top of a sheet of tracing paper and draw round the rim. Cut out the circle of tracing paper.
Tape a piece of white fabric to your work surface.
Repeat stages, draw a pattern onto the tracing paper, colour it with transfer crayons.
Place a piece of white paper on your ironing board to protected it.
Put the coloured side of the fabric circle and then put both on top of the white paper.
Put another sheet of white paper on top.
Iron over the tracing paper to transfer the design onto the fabric.
With the fabric circle wrong side up, place a tablespoon of lavender in the centre.
Pull the edges of the fabric circle together and secure them half way down with an elastic band.
Wrap a strip of narrow ribbon on top of the elastic band.
Tie the ribbon in a bow and trim the ends allowing for 7cm to hangdown.

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