“Santa Pin Cushions” 🎅YouTube Tutorial

This is my NEW Diy Project on YouTube.
Always 50% Recycled Materials and Fantasy touch x
Now let’s GO!

” Santa Pin Cushions “
Today I created 2 models of Pin Cushions in Felt and Jar, cheerful image of Christmas (Santa & Elf), when you put it on your desk, they will give a touch of fantasy
as is Christmas!

-Felt and Foamy coloured
-PVA glue
-Scissor, pencil, ruler
-White cardboard recycled of biscuit box
-Crayons, Colours
-Hot gun silicone
-Ornaments (sequins, gems, buttons, etc.)
-Ribbons, Cords
-Glitter, Frost
-Pom Poms


-It has nothing difficult, but if it is a little difficult to fill the cone, use a wooden stick.

See you in my next Diy IDEA
amadriadi ©Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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