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My Prayer for Christmas:
Harmony and Love for each one of us, much Light for those who have lost themselves in the shadows, Joy for the Children, Blessings for the Elders,
Faith for all of us, tenderness for the Animals and Care for our Nature. Let it be a Feast full of joyful colours, sharing and smiles, because our Redeemer Jesus will be born this December 24 in the Heart of each one giving Light and Harmony to each Home, amen.


On Christmas Season (and like all the Year), many Millionaires / Powerful & Political People / Artists / Millionaire Circles provide Help, part of their Time and their Own Money for Many Homeless, Needy and Poor People in the world. They don’t need Advertising / Flash, because they work all year very discreetly in their high-level Charity were providing some of their own money saved or donate (example: a pair of diamond) to provide it to poor and needy people in the World … Blessings to All them who make Angelic steps without much Publicity.


My Wish for this New 2020:
“More Optimism and Less Ignorance”
Because the Powerful Hypocrite, the Corrupt Politician, those who wish to hide truth by imposing false news, those who work on social networks imposing chaos and false information, who impose unfair Rules and Laws (only in favour of them and perversion), those who want chaos in everything, those who seek destruction, the frustrated and ambitious without limits, the Millionaires and their Private Circle greedy for more power and money filling their pockets with Money from their NGOs / Charity Group / Help for the Needy Group (but they use Our Money and 90% put it in their pockets very easily), who say fight for Human and
Animal Rights but support Universal Non-Severe Laws and remain Free Paedophiles and Criminals of Animal / Pets, who say they offer Help to Orphaned Children and Women but hide their vile Paedophilia and Sex Trafficking … yes, all these are very strong because the Ignorance of many who believe in their falsehood and look at them as Idols of kindness.
More Optimism for those who let themselves be overcome in their Dreams and desires, for those who do not believe in themselves, for those who allow themselves to be manipulated and destroyed by others, for those who wash their brain with chaotic ideas, for those who do not believe that our World can be better and preserve it for the Future, more Optimism and Faith that there is a better tomorrow and that there is an Almighty God with his Angels illuminating and whispering our way … these are my best wishes for this 2020!


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