“Elf to hang on” 🎅Tutorial + Free Pattern

“ELF to hang on” + Free Patterns
Hello, my new DIY PROJECT of the Week, I give you idea to your imagination, my Crafts 55% recycled material + a touch of fantasy, in addition has FREE PATTERNS!

My project is to hang it on your Christmas tree or on some door handle, because of the Cap model it is very easy and you do not need ribbons or cords.

-PVA glue
-Scissor, pencil, ruler
-Black, gold and silver marker, Liquid corrector (white)
-Ornaments (sequins, gems, buttons, etc.)
-Recycled cardboard piece
-Glitter paper strip (silver)

Free Patterns © amadriadi

HERE the Video Tutorial on YouTube✨👇

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-I painted with white acrylic colour on the tip of the hat to give snow imagination.
-The eyes are varied with sequins or black marker.
-The Materials can vary according to the tone of the decoration of your tree.
-I use cotton in my other models, you can vary it.

See you at my next Diy IDEA x
amadriadi © Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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