Hi ✨

Hello 🖐 I am ordering my work angle and when it is Fall or Winter 🍁❄ the days are shorter (and the natural light too), so I have to place my work table to gain some natural light!
It takes me some extra time ✨👍❤ but it’s for good, today I will be able to make my video tutorial (I hope so!) And leave you another happy and full of fantasy idea for you x don’t forget to subscribe on my YouTube Channel to keep informed 📺✨
Here a delicious cup of hot chocolate with a flake of Chantilly and grated chocolate ✨☕ delicious to sweeten the day and give a smile to life and our world … lately some are crooked ✨🙌✨much light for everyone especially for Children and animals (which are the ones that suffer most in silence), love and harmony for you x

My eyes are 2 ✨✨stars today !!
I have found where to buy more variety of MATERIALS and they are divine beautiful bright and full of so much magic to create more fantasy ✨🙌✨Thanks my beloved Almighty God with your Angels of light and your perfect Universe in giving me this blessing ❤✨It is not easy to find here where I live the variety of Materials (to which I was accustomed to buy in Italy or Peru), but the doors open and the celestial light is entering again in my Laboratory ✨👍YEAH !!
Now making space in my work angle because there are many materials purchased and to buy …. Hooray for Shopping🛍🛒☘✨ and for my husband to pay it! ❤🎵🍺✨ !!

Here the Compilation of my last works (my apologies for the bad audio, my Tablet did its job and it is time to change it for a new PC!), So now I am using my husband’s Computer and I think … it is better ? ✨👇

Have a good day x thanks for being there ✨

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