Drown in a glass of water ✔

Our Modernity is so fragile and sensitive, it was thought that the more progress is made, the more we are strong, but the negativity is increasing and the Humans increasing in their blacklists.

Our lives are so beautiful but so fragile too that someone blows and ruins the beauty of living …

Some have fun and feel happiness in destroying other weak lives in enduring the abuse of someone who only has in mind to destroy or annihilate … not only a weapon can kill you, but also the poisonous and jealous tongue.

Some are bitter for a real cause or for no cause of being bitter, simply becoming bitter of everything and with everyone as if it were the own happiness …

Many believe in false news and do not seek the truth, falling into the great dark game of chaos …

Some have unknowns in their lives, but are mocked by others or oppressed by their unknowns …

Some are afraid to give their opinion or comment, for not being mocked by another…

What is happening with our Modern World? Where some live just to annihilate others? Where their strength is measured by fear and violence, they feel strong oppressing and imposing, they feel powerful in destroying another human …

There is no special rule, recipe or yoga to be happy and get harmony with yourself, you just have to want it and have the will to accept yourself as you are! Smile and be happy every morning, don’t let anyone destroy your joy, get away from problematic or impulsive people, get away from ignorant people who just want everyone to be gray like them, don’t be afraid of your beauty, don’t be ashamed of your physical defects, Accept and love yourself more … and when someone wants to break your harmony just smile and walk away!

“Harmony and happiness with yourself is priceless, but many yearn for it”


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