Hello 🖐✨

Hi 🖐Good start your week 🙌 today Monday we start our day full of positive energy, cheerful minds and soul full of harmony ✨ it is the only weapon to fight the enemy that imposes sadness, anxiety, pessimism, negativity and cruelty in our souls 👍
This week my Diy Project is dedicated to Halloween🎃 and Christmas🎅I have created something that in addition to decorating your table could be very useful 👻✨🎄 I hope you like it!
As you know I have more than 170 ideas to do and although if I can’t do everything, we move forward with the most important parties. what coming soon ✌✨
As always you know, my works are 55% recycled materials and a touch of fantasy 🧚‍♀️🍄☘✨

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Morning! Buenos dias “Buongiorno!

Thank you very much for being here x 🎶🎵🌺✨

Here I share with you IDEAS of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS & Halloween 👻🎃✨

Have a good day x

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