Message from the Author: “When someone dies unjustly, his soul can’t rest until obtains his revenge… for the eternal peace

Genre: Horror Tale

Author: Celia Bailes © amadriadi

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Created: 09/6/2016

Dedicated toWho did not lose their optimism in me and supported unconditionally my crazy artistic soul“, to my husband Keith Bailes and my parents Emma Centti & Rivo Sanchez.


I am incredulous to many legends and stories that told in each country, town or family. When I was a boy, remember my uncle liked to tell us ‘Tale of horror’ and see the faces of scary in my family, but I smiled because know it is not real. Today my uncle is dead and maybe he still continue telling his fantastic stories in the cemetery, with his new friends.

My name is ‘Matthew’ and I am the eldest son of a middle class family, my Mother calls me Matt to differentiate myself from my Father. I’m single, do not have children and… do not have a girlfriend -I think being a boyfriend is chaining relationship- and honestly do not have time for responsibilities. I have my friend-girl ‘Tammy’ -it’s not a relationship- no responsibility, just we feel good together sure when I’m not on work. ‘Sofia’ is my younger sister -she is young- has 3 children and one on the way, ‘Laura’ is my mother -widow since 8 years ago- is vivacious and full of energy even at her age, she lives with her only older sister ‘Clara’, my mother says that I no have a normal life… to be sincere, I do not have a normal rhythm of life, I love my work so much, I am totally dedicated to my work missions and often forget parties, birthdays, love… the house of my Aunt Clara is 3 hours outside the city -it is a very comfortable and large chalet- has 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits and 1 funny pony, my sister always visits with her children, I visit occasionally or -rather- when I am free… and almost not free. My mother visits me very little in my duplex -my work schedule- sometimes I’m out of the city or country for work, long time and we know it’s more easier to talk on the phone or computer, with my sister shared a text message is more better than long visits. I am always busy with my work, but when I have free time love to invite them at the restaurant or to have coffee in the city, it is more easier for me.

I live in a duplex, very comfortable and with everything what I needed, close to the Train Station, the Metro, many businesses around and delicious Restaurants.

That morning, I woke up with my eyes very tired -I had worked almost 9 days consecutive without paused- I arrived at dawn today and had slept just few hours, my suitcase still there in the living room and the gifts for my family too. I opened my curtains and windows, needed fresh air, I went to the kitchen angle to prepare a good hot coffee, when my cell phone rang, it was a message,

“Good morning, Mr. Taylor, I remind you have an appointment today at 11 am in the Office of Mr. Spencer.”

I stayed a pensive few moments, “what had happened?” asked myself, went to the bedroom in search of my refreshing visual drops and I reclined a few moments on my bed, waiting for the drops take effect, the machine was preparing my coffee and my mind was thinking about what would talk  my boss today…


I am a journalist, love my job and have problems in maintaining a constant relationship with someone, many times my partner does not accept my work rhythm and always end alone.

My mother says that I should make a family and live like another normal human… but being a journalist and go in the places where a journalistic issue originates takes time of your normal life and I carry on my vocation in my blood, it is my passion!

The effect of the drops had done, I opened my eyes and got up quickly to the kitchen to drink my hot coffee, look in the refrigerator milk -but many foods was gone and lacked others, grab the last 2 eggs and thought to prepare them with toast, I turned on the television, I watching the time to controlled my time and delighted my hot coffee in my comfortable couch, when the toaster sounded indicating my toast was ready.

That morning of autumn the air was bit cold but the sky indicated some sun later, I finished quick my breakfast and went to take a shower -needed to wake up- shave and observe my tired eyes, I prepared another cup of coffee, on my little table wrote my list of foods to buy today, then I opened my suitcase and put my dirty clothes in bag to take to the laundry, I prepared another cup of coffee and went to my comfortable couch to turn on my Tablet, I had to send message to ‘Mrs. Olga’ to come clean my duplex… when I had messages from Tammy, she told about her birthday party… and I forgotten it!


The cars and people went quickly, others braked suddenly, people had their bored faces waiting to change the color of the traffic light, others watched their watches controlling his time, others talked on their cell phone, when I remembered to call my mother and Tammy. Cross the street quickly and go through the supermarket-remember to do my shopping list after- touch my pocket to feel the list in, get to the entrance of the Metro, quickly down the stairs heading towards the line that would take to my boss’s office -the electric stairs were full of people- like every morning, in the wagon was full of people with different expressions on their faces and colors of their suits, others listened to music with their headphones, others ate chewing gum, others still sleep, when the digital board was lit -indicating the name of the station- I go out fast with the others people, like me were going to the center of the city, I felt cold breeze to touch my face as wishing to wake up me.

The newspaper, where I work likes to deepen shocking news but always characterized by a different way of publishing it, the journalists who work there, we know very well our hard work to achieve the desired goal of our beloved Boss. I, start my career in the newspaper with the founder of the newspaper -means the father of my boss- after 8 years of long illness died and left by inheritance to his only son and the 3 daughters to Board Members, plus they are responsible for carrying out the Family Magazine of the newspaper, they have created to promote information, recipes, decoration, etc. The newspaper building has 6 floors -it is projected to make the private Television of the Newspaper in future- the floors are organized in Exhibition Hall & Meetings / Cafeteria/ the private Radio/ the monthly Magazine/ the Journalistic Work floor and of course the office of the boss. Its appearance is old, but inside it has modernized my boss leaving some initial decorations of his father. From the large glass door, I could see the Porter -the famous Mr. Smith- despite his advanced age and always gentle and smart. I crossing the hall room with modern armchairs leather and glass tables, pictures advertising the newspaper, radio, monthly magazine,

“Good morning Mr Taylor,”

“Morning Mr Smith,”

“Surprised! Again around here…?”

“I received a message today… well, I do not know what it is yet.”

“Oh I see… but you like adventures and love work as my remembered Boss who rests in peace,”

I walked to the elevator hall -6 to choose at times of congestion there- quickly got the lift free and went up, my heart felt a strange sensation, I thought

It was the emotion of returning to work again, when the elevator bell rang indicating that I arrived, the door opened and could see the huge carpet in the hall entrance, decorated with old pictures landscapes, photos of the Founder of the Newspaper and important scenes, quickly cross to meet the secretary’s desk of the Chief ‘Mrs. Simpson’, who even her age maintains delicate lines, her elegant look and astute eyes, she started very young to work with the Founder, like me.

“Good morning Mr Taylor, thank you for receiving my message,”

“Morning, Mrs Simpson… I’m really anxious to know what it’s about, hum maybe it’s a new adventure!”

“Hum, Mr Spencer told me to send you this appointment quickly today… I look your adventurous spirit,”

“Let’s see what the Boss has prepared for me,”

Mrs. Simpson smiled kindly, watched me with her vivacious eyes, quickly opened the large carved wooden door of the Chief’s office, the curtains were semi-open, that autumnal sun began to rise.


“Mr Taylor is here,” announced Mrs Simpson and quickly closing the door behind me.

“Hello Matt, please sit down,” said my boss greeted me, kindly and with that tone of confidence that he gave to all of us who worked for his newspaper and making us feel as a family, he was sitting on his huge dark leather desk, behind him the huge window that looked out the city.

“Thank you very much Mr. Spencer… your message caused surprise in me,”

My boss, who is 68 years old, maintains his intelligence, energy and strength as a young man when it comes to work. That office remained intact just as his father had decorated it, with his furniture in black leather, its tall bookcases of thick and dark wood, as well as the tables, chairs and the main desk -carved with the same designs of the door- in the center a large tapestry drawn with the family shield. For a few moments he was silent watching the window -as if was concentrating on something- gave a sigh and opened his box of wood and bronze to prepare his cigar, carefully opened and lit it, delighting in its aroma and observing the red of the fire in it -he did not offer me because he knew that I only smoke occasional and no cigars- well, I love coffee more than it.

It felt opening the huge door again, it was Mrs. Simpson, entering with an elegant tray of dark bronze with tea and coffee maker, 2 cups, sugar, cream, varied cheeses, biscuits, muffins and fruit, support on the coffee table and with a gentle gesture quickly left the room.

“Please, Matt, serve yourself, coffee or tea?”

“Coffee, thank you so much,’

That moment I felt the cold again, also thought the air conditioning was on.

“Matt, we have done a good job in these last 2 years and… I am really always very proud of all of the journalists and workers on my newspaper, if my father were here will thinking the same… I still remember how many hours of continuous hard work was doing my father with the whole group of journalists and staff to achieve their goal and today we are one of the most read newspapers in the city and in the world, thanks to technology advances and the Internet, but technology could advance but our motto will always be the same,”

“Thanks Mr Spencer, for appreciating our effort and commitment, we sincerely felt like a large family working for your Newspaper,”

“Matt… I know you’ve returned after a long days of work, as always qualified good your work, but, I need you again… this time is very special,”

My boss stopped smoking his cigar to start pouring his coffee cup, looked inside his cup, his mind flew in his own thoughts and kept saying, “Matt, you’ve worked in the newspaper, from when my father was alive, you started very young to work with us and you know very well the rhythm of our work, the importance of keep our motto and responsibility for each job to achieve our goals, I still remember, when my father died and I received this newspaper with a lot of responsibility, since I was a child, come here and play at my father’s desk, I know he was making me feel at home, now I think why like be here a lot, more than being in my house,” said my Boss, smiling, then resting his cup on the tray and watching me, “I know that for you Matt, it is not easy to keep working with your personal life and the same thing happened with my father, many times did not see him at dinner or on Sundays or special parties at home, his dedication to the newspaper was his choice much stronger that the ties with our family, although… if my mother always love him and support until the end, she was the one who kept the balance at home so as not to feel the absence of my father in house, as you know today, my mother suffers from Alzheimer and have hallucination, her nurse has an arduous job to try control it, sometimes her observe the ceiling as if she saw something there, that we can not saw,” my boss gave a deep sigh and continued, “my sisters do not have the courage to take care of her and I can not take away from the house where she lived her best memories… Matthew, many things in life are hidden and others need to be dusted to know what really happened and I, I need you to decipher this puzzle that for years has been hidden by my parents and I think is time to know the truth, if it exists… for this reason, I need you, I have confidence in you, really you know how do a good job and I know what you will find the missing piece of this puzzle,” he made a deep sigh, when suddenly got up and went to his desk, took out a small key -from the pocket of his waistcoat- to open one drawers, from which take out a huge envelope and hand it over to my hands to saying, “Matthew, here you will find everything that you will need to find this key piece to this mysterious puzzle… this is your new mission… just I ask you discretion,”

I take that envelope in my hands, was very heavy and could feel that contained many objects inside, I wanted to open it, when my boss told me quickly,

“Noo no Matthew! Please do not open it here! Promise me you will open it when you are on the train and follow all the indicated there, also in this little envelope you have your train tickets, a check for your expenses, the name of the hotel where you are staying, the name of your guide, the place name and for any questions do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Simpson, well I think it’s all for now Matt,“ saying my boss and took his pocket watch in hand with a smile said, “are going to 12 am and your train time at 1 30pm,” my boss extended his hand saying goodbye quickly without giving me more time for more questions to my unknowns, I had to shake his hand quickly, felt the door open again,

“Please Mr. Taylor, follow me” was the secretary who told me to leave the office, quickly her closing the huge door behind me, with kind smile indicated to accompany her quickly towards the elevator,

“Have a good trip Sr Taylor, we keep in touch,” said and returning to her desk quickly.

My mind was very confused, sincerely since I woke up today felt strange, but I like challenges and was very excited with this new mission. I had a few hours to fix my travel bag, leave my clothes in the laundry, call my mother, buy some food and leave it in the refrigerator, call my sister… “Ooh! I forgot… today is Tammy’s birthday.” I thought.

This is my life for many years, my mind was more focused on this new mission,

“Where am I going? What job would it be? Why is everything so discreet?”


A voice broke my thoughts, when opened my eyes, I saw the elevator had reached the first floor… and I had to go!


‘Mother… I do not know where I’m going… mm yes, I just came back and went back to work… hum, no mum… uh… this is a new one, my boss proposed it to me today… er… yes mother, I accept and I must go!” Said to my mother on the speaker phone while I preparing my little travel bag, my backpack and checking around me if I had everything there, but my mother was still on the phone with her classic questions, I understand well that my mother is worried, but at that moment I had to prepare myself and I had little time to take that train,

“Mother… please, I’m in delay now, must take that train soon… no oh no… yes mum, I promise to call you when I’ll be there… please mum, I do not know where it is… yeah mum, we talk later, I promise you… take calm mum nothing bad will happen, please send my greetings to aunty and her animals… yes mum I send message to Laura… Mother do not worried is just a work… hum… I love you so much mum… cheered!“ My mother wanted to continue talking her felt worried about this trip, but I had just few minutes to sorted everything there,  when I’ll return from the work, I’ve had clean clothes and food ready. I walked quickly between the bedroom and the living room, thought about the clothes what will needed honestly did not know about the climate there, I prepare my backpack quickly -camera, laptop, battery, cell phone, pens, notebook, agenda- I looked around again, took my bag of mint eucalyptus sweets, my water bottle, 1 packs of emergency cigarettes, “hum I think that’s all,” I thought, took my cell phone and I had messages… “Oh Tammy!” I shouted, it his birthday this week and no bought a card, or gift, what big confusion felt in my mind at that moment, I thought would be faster to send flowers through a virtual store, I no had more time… “but, what is her address?” I thought worried looking in my little agenda, when found it, from my Tablet I made the order and watch the time, and remember the train, the trip and I should go.

I quickly picked up my roller bag, backpack over my shoulder and with the other hand had my cell phone to calling Tammy… I was going down the stairs to the street, to take the taxi,

“Hi Tammy… I’m Matt,”

“Hello Matty! Hum… what happens, why are you so agitated?” Tammy asked curiously.

“I’m going down the stairs now… I’m on way again to another work mission… Tammy apologize for I can not be at your party,”

“What…? I do not understand… you were in your house and you did not call me before? Now… you go back to another job now!… Ooh, I do not understand, Matt are you there? Answer to me!”

“Look at dear… I do not have time to talk now, I promise to call you at the hotel, I’m late darling and I so sorry… Tammy just call to wish you a Happy Birthday… I send you lovely flowers!”

“What…? You will not come? I send you many messages all the week about my party and to meeting my parents… Matt? Are you there?… Answer!”

“Sorry dear, I’m getting into the taxi now… I should go… hum, when I’ve return we coordinate something nice together,”

“When you return…? What’s going on Matty? Your work is first before everything, we can not have a normal relationship! Matt? Matt? Are you there—”

“Please Tammy, do not make more problematic this, I just want have a—‘ (I felt the communication was down furious).

This was make me bored about have relationships with someone…  yes, I’m not ready to have a relationship because I do not understand how to support my partner with my passion means my work, more than 3 months can not be longer as the previous ones. I look start ringing my cell phone… is Tammy! I lower the sound and let it vibrate, put it in the pocket of my coat, already had stress to not losing the train and talking with her now would make me nervous. Inside the taxi, I opened my backpack and felt that huge envelope, put my hand over it and my mind took as a break, I stayed in a vague thought,

“Sir, I leave you in the same central station or at the exit door of the train?”

I made a deep sigh, closed my backpack quickly and said,

“Please, leave me at the train exit, thanks,”


The city was warm, I watched from the window of the taxi, the people walking quickly, businesses decorated with Halloween atmosphere, some sitting in the park eating ice cream, chatting with each other, children and pets, sandwich carts full of office people, women smiling talking to their cell phones, all them living their normal lives,

“Only me, I did not have a normal life,” I thought.

‘Sir, we have arrived!’

“Oh! Thank you very much.”

Gently the driver helped me with my suitcase and look at in the pocket of my backpack my train ticket to know the departure time, with the ticket in hand walk quickly towards the huge hall of the train station, watching the huge digital board of the station and was very delayed! I ran quickly towards the electric stairs, descending quickly, stumbling with people, came to the line train and it was a modern, but I did not know why felt these anxieties,  observed my ticket and seat number, was walking through the corridor narrow in search of my seat, observe the normal movement of the people outside and those who were sitting. I found my seat First Class, next to the window, all seats very comfortable with their small table and lamp, support my suitcase in his personal closet and hang my coat on the personal rack, the air was heated, I sighed as looked at the time and knew that train was 5 minutes late.

In front of me, an elderly Gentleman was sitting -in silence he read his book- in front of our seats, there was a middle-aged woman  who looking at the small hand mirror and painted her lips coral red, in front of her that seat was empty. It was my first time taking that train -usually took air flights- I do not know why my Chief decided should go by train. The murmurs were low, some read the newspaper, others relaxed watching through the window, when the hot cart approached and offered coffee, tea, sandwiches, cakes, rolls, wine, beer, fruit, etc. I chose Coffee and a piece of cake, supported it on my little table, took my travel ticket again to control my trip and I noticed that had 8 hours of travel, I started to enjoy the good coffee and the delicious cake, “we were in first class,” I thought, watched everything very elegant wagon,

“When you finish your coffee, you can go to the Cafeteria- Restaurant in the next wagon, there you can also enjoy hot dishes and soups, do not worry this is all included in your ticket,” said the elder front of me.

“Oh… thank you very much for the information Sir,”

“Well, I’m going to delight some hot Menu,” said the elder.

Observe the woman in front of us, had covered herself with her woolen shawl while she drank hot tea and delighted in her piece of cake. The wagon was flavored with coffee and tea, low voices murmured, could feel the sound of the train and decided to take off my shoes and feel the soft carpet massaging my feet, now it time to open that huge envelope, it contained many handwritten sheets, others invoices, documents attached to each other -looks as my boss ordered everything very well- I could see a package of yellowish letters -old age- many advertisements of fairs, old markets, many photos tied together, old flower fabric and a woman’s photo frame -very old photo- when tried to take it in hand, the wagon’s lights went out… I looked up at the window and we had entered a tunnel, the sound of the train filled the entire wagon and I decided to put everything back in that envelope, leaving it on my table and went back to drinking my coffee, the train wobbled and gave the impression of going into something deep in that tunnel, after long minutes the train left that tunnel and returned the lights, the weather had changed could be seen from the window that was raining with a dense fog, I decided to go to the Cafeteria for more hot coffee and enjoy something warm there.

Everything very elegant, illuminated with background music, I saw the elder, who invited me to his table, graciously accepted, I had chosen to delight myself with a hot cream of squash, onions and cheese -so delicious- with hot rolls, the elder slowly ate stew while reading his newspaper. Start to feel anxious, I wanted to understand that envelope, finish quickly my deli food and with hot coffee in hand I headed back to my seat. Take again the envelope again and supporting all the documents on the table, I could see birth certificate, health documents, documents from the psychiatrist, blood tests, electrocardiograms, electroshock tests, psychological tests, a very old photo of a whole family together -look behind the photo had no dedication or date or place- also had sheets written with an incomprehensible letter, “But…? What would be this case?” I thought, when I returned to observe the documents, the majority were in the name of ‘Jane Ro Phyllis’ but, “who is her? Why did my boss ask for discretion?” I asked my self and my mind started to enter into a conflict of questions, probabilities, logically… sure I am a Journalist and the analysis is one of our mission, “but what about it or her?”, I asked, then decided again put all the documents inside the envelope, I stayed a few moments in silence and wished could understand that puzzle, so I thought would be better at the Hotel to be able prepare my research and analysis work. Take the small envelope, note the address of the Hotel, the name of the Town, the name of my Guide ‘Amy Sand’ and found the other train ticket… I noticed that this train would not take me directly to this town and I’ll needed make a transfer at my last stop and found the check in my name and a small key, “what would this be?” I asked myself.

From my window watched the train enter in some very rocky dark mountains,

“what called that town?”

I was wondering, felt very confused, knew that had to control myself to be able to find the key piece in this puzzle…


“Sir… excuse me, but… this is our last stop.”

Someone was talking to my ear waking up me… for my misfortune I had fallen asleep and was the ticket driver who told me to have reached the last station,

“Wow, I fell asleep! Thank you very much Sir… I have to do a train transfer and I hope I’m still on time,” I said, quickly grabbing my backpack, suitcase and walking to large corridor to get out of that train. I did not know if I was still in time to take the next train, my mind went back into big confusion, I felt anxious and started to sweated nervously, felt pressure of my blood rise and I asked to my self,  “why do I feel nervous? How could I fall asleep?”, I look at in the hall station the huge digital board -where it indicated the entrance and exit of the trains- quickly look the other ticket the number train and yell “Ooh no! I’m late!” I ran hurriedly towards the huge marble scales that would take me towards the exit line of the train -I had to go down and up- to reach the exit number 17 and I was still at number 8! My heart was pounding and my anxieties were out to the limit, I was still sweating and thought had drunk a lot coffee in the train, I kept running stumbling with the people until reached my exit number, the pressure was at maximum and I climbed desperately up the stairs towards the exit of that train, when I heard the whistle of the train indicating soon closed its doors! I ran fast towards the train and screaming desperate,

“Hey… hey, wait… Stop! —”

Honestly, I had never fallen asleep in my jobs or lost my flights or being in this situation not normal, it was as something prevented me from reaching that town, “what happened? ” Asked myself. I arrived finally at the train wagon, that was not modern style like the previous one and it small, the ticket man helped me with my bags to get on the train and I was without oxygen, my anxiety had reached its limit, so I sat in the first free seat what I found and start had calm down… close my eyes for a moment and breathe deeply,

“I was on the train now,”

I thought and felt the train start to move in his journey.


The wagon was narrow, old and nothing comfortable, noticed my travel ticket did not have a seat number, no was a first class, so I thought it would be an inter-urban train, looked around and I could see elderly couple who nodding their heads greeting me, I responded cordially.

There was no space to support my suitcase, no to hang my coat, the seat was very hard and the windows small full of dust. I decided to stay in my seat, my trip would be 1 hour 58 minutes, reaching the ‘Hidden Hills Station’, and this is the name of the town. Look in my backpack for my hat, gloves and scarf, started get cold and that train did not have heating, I watched through the window of the train were entered between dark and high dark mountains, the small lights of the wagon lit, that afternoon began to get dark quickly, I could observe that elderly couple drink something hot from his thermos and I thought “there was no Cafeteria”, look in my backpack my sweets of mint eucalyptus to calm my anxiety and the dryness of my throat. I took my cell phone I had 3 messages: 2 from my mother and one from Tammy, I read them quickly and answered my Mother and Tammy, then put the phone back in my pocket. I did not feel relaxed, my heart was pounding, was still sweating and I did not understand why I was anxious. Look again the time and it was almost 9:30 pm as we entered on the way, was all dark outside could hardly watch something, I did not want to close my eyes and fall asleep again, with attention care the first stop, again watch my time and note that were close, take my suitcase, my backpack, was prepared and so anxious to get that place, was so very curious.

The whistle of the train, announced we had reached the point where I should start this great adventure, not distinguish anything by the dusty glass of the wagon’s door, it all very dark outside, the doors opened and I was able to leave quickly, after a few seconds the train starting quickly its journey, the elderly couple moved their hands saying goodbye and I answered equally.

Well, I was standing there with my suitcase and my mind full of crossed thoughts and confusions.

That station was not the normal station, there no hall or coffee machine, just distinguish an old sign with the name of the town and 3 old wooden benches out with one old light lantern, could hardly distinguish anything around, the fog had fallen very dense and the cold was more frozen, I decided to sit on the bench next to the lamp, “maybe it will be easier for my guide to find me,” I thought.


“Well, I was there and now…?” I thought, the dampness of the fog towards coolest wind, my autumnal coat did not warm, the mint candies soothed my nerves and dryness throat, I’ll wish a hot coffee and warm hall but there was desolate place.

“Mr. Taylor…?”

I heard a delicate voice behind my back that was asking, it is not easy to listening my surname -only in my boss’s office called me- usually at home and friends call me Matt… I got up, grabbing my briefcase and my backpack on my shoulder, turning quickly to try to observe a small woman -standing in front of me- the wind moved its long dark hair as if they were fingers waving, her very thin body, wore a long dark coat, part of his face covered with a thick dark scarf, could not see his face, the fog and the darkness there and that lantern had the force of a candle…

“Hum… are you Mr. Taylor…?”

“Oh sure! It’s me… and you — “(was interrupted)

“Amy Sand…”

“Oh! Nice to meet you Amy, it was very long my way to get here, honestly my city is very far apart from here, usually I take air plane but I see here there is no airport—”

“Hum… I understand! Yes, you are right, this town is very far from everything and very small, the important thing is that you are here, Mr Taylor…” she said with a shy smile -without looking me in the eye- she turned back on me and headed into the deep darkness, “the station closes its gates at 11:30 pm, we must hurry up… Mr. Taylor,”

“Oh! I understand Amy,” I said walking behind her on that rocky road full of dirt and dust, “are there no side walks? It’s hard for me to use my suitcase-roller,” without having an answer, it seemed that my guide was focused on something and gave the impression that his feet did not touch the floor, “what madness! I have drunk a lot coffee on the train,” I thought.

“Follow me around here, Mr Taylor, we must go to your hotel”, she said without turning to look at me, was walking towards the abstract of the road.

“Oh… I understand, thank you Amy for picking me up… this road is very rocky,”

I had no answer, it was my first time was with a silent and abstract woman.

We walked along a narrow rocky road and could see some countryside, there were no lights of any advertisement or house or business in that place, we crossed a piece of this field arriving to a track which we crossed, there were no signs of cars or buses, when we arrived at a small village, the fog was more dense and could not see well, but I managed to observe the only luminous sign, was the Hotel, the path was very narrow and I could use the wheels of my roller suitcase in that narrow and dark street.

“Mr. Taylor, this is your Hotel, make your reservation code present at the reception, I wish you a very good night, I will come for you tomorrow at 3:30 pm.”

“Oh… thanks Amy, good night…”

I think she did not listen to me, his thin silhouette was lost quickly in the darkness of this night…


Quickly into the hotel, it was very cold and the sound of old bell at the door made the receptionist’s attention -a young man wearing old clothes and thick lenses- look at me surprised,

“Hello, my name is Matthew Taylor and my reservation code is —”

“Ooh… you’re Mr Taylor… we’ve been waiting for you, let me help you with your bags, please follow me,” said the receptionist, who started walking towards an old stairway very old wood and crunch to the weight of our feet, there was no elevator or Buttons, the place was like a house, I thought it would be a B&B, the walls were decorated with paper -old decoration- frames with very old thick wooden frames almost did not distinguish well the images in, we went up to the second floor and he indicated my Room number 17, give me the keys and said,

“this is your Room Mr Taylor, we do not have a restaurant in the Hotel, we offer breakfast bonus to our customers so can go to the restaurant in front here, from 7 am, have a good night, Mr. Taylor,” said the young receptionist, quickly returning to his starting point.

“Thanks,” I said.

I entered in the room, turned on the light, observing everything from the angle of the door, its old design and gave the impression of being in the angle of the hotel, a small window with very thick and dark, the single bed of old iron, an old circular table side the bed, next to the window a small table with his chair, append my backpack and leave my coat hanging on the chair, in the small closet left my suitcase -still without opening it- I look at the small bathroom without door and no had window, watching everything around me and imagined being in ancient time… that village called my attention.

I open my suitcase in search of my pyjamas, a cotton t- shirt and double stockings -so cold in that place- I needed had warm up my body that night, look at for my little briefcase were had brush, razor and cologne, put it in the bathroom.

I felt exhausted from the trip and everything what happened today, decided to go to the bed, needed take a rest, close my eyes and I could feel the crunching of the old wood, someone walking outside the room, “maybe some other client,” I thought, then imagine the last images, the dark mountains appeared, the people on the train, Amy, the rocky road, the envelope, my boss… after all was in silent… fallen asleep.


‘Knock Knock Knock… Mr. Taylor?”

Some touched that door, I was still asleep, my body was very relaxed and I could almost move, turned to take my cell phone was 11 35 am, I sat stunned quickly in bed and this door still touching hardly, I up and walked slow, still felt adorned and confused, “how could I sleep so much?” Asked my self and opening that door.

“Mr. Taylor! Is so good see you… morning Sir! And my apologies but was worried about you—” said an old woman, grey hair waved holding them with a handkerchief, wore a very old dress, his shoulders covered with a dark shawl and wore an apron, in his hands moved nervous several keys, “excuse me if I was very rude to wake up you in this way,”

“Hum… do not worry… mm, good morning Mrs, sorry I fell asleep just that,”

“Mr. Taylor, I was worried, this morning did not go to the reception to collect your breakfast bonus,” smiled kind the old woman.

“Eh… hum… I think had a lot of stress yesterday and so very long trip, oh yeah,”

“Ha ha,” smiled the old woman, “I think Mr Taylor our Hotel is very welcoming and it is good that you have relaxed and slept very here… in anyway the Restaurant only accept the Bonus from 7 am until 10 am, then they sell their Menus, I’m so sorry Mr. Taylor,” said the old woman, making sound with the Keys in his hand, “Mr. Taylor, it’s all great here, I can go back to the reception,” kindly saying goodbye and walk slowly.

I closed the door, still confused, went to open the heavy curtains and that window, the air was frozen, to observe very little movement in the street, I thought being habituate big cities, full of cars, sounds, people, smog, business, buses, taxis… here was everything very quiet.


I got ready to go to the Restaurant, I looked around if I forgot something, took my backpack on my shoulder, went quickly to the reception to leave my keys and told in reception,

“Please, if anyone asked about me, I will be at the restaurant, thanks,”

The restaurant a large old house -like the Hotel- in its old wooden door at the entrance had a small sign Eating is a pleasure, a single window on the side of the door -covered with a curtain only halfway up- when I entered heard an old bell door and all those there turned their heads to watching me, while walking looking for where to sit near the window, but felt the looks behind me. The seats are very comfortable and a vinyl table, support my backpack to my side and looks they kept watching my movements,

“Hello, what to be served?”, Asked a girl very coldly, had a notebook and pen in hand -in the city used an electronic board- his eyes was fixed and said, “is on vacation?”

All in silence as wishing to hear my answer.

“Hum… morning, well, I’m a journalist,” said and taking the Restaurant Menu into my hands.

“Oh… a Journalist? But our village is small and… we only have one newspaper,” said curious the girl.

“Hmm… I am a City Journalist and now working an article for my Newspaper… please, can you recommend a nice Menu full of energy and warm, I lost my Bonus this morning, thanks Miss,”

“Well… I can propose you the Menu N 5,” said without blinking,and everyone still quietly around me,

“Okay Miss, thanks,”

The young girl quickly went to the kitchen, many kept watching me, others murmured among themselves and others asked the girl.

Make me felt like a stranger and never being observed so much. I took my backpack between my hands and put all the documents on the table and with my notebook started write to organize this puzzle, I think putting my mind on, maybe they stopped watching me.

“Coffee…?” Asked the young woman, had in his hands a hot Pyrex jar and a cup.

“Oh, thanks please!”


The young woman had released the Pyrex and the cup fall, she was a panic eyes and shout hysterical!

I stop writing without understanding what happened and look at the girl fixed that woman’s portrait with hysterical movements.

“Hey Miss, please do not worry it’s a simple old photo!” I smiled wanting to calm down but the others were still in silent and that young woman still in panic. A man with a white apron approached were are us and said,

“Sir, excuse my daughter, please,” and started to clean the coffee on floor, then  took his daughter to the kitchen.

I did not understand the reaction of this girl and did not understand what happened there. The man came back out of the kitchen with my Menu in hand and then returned to serve me hot coffee.

I still looks his worried eyes, so I decided to put everything back in the backpack.

“They knew about Jane Ro? Why the panic in her eyes?” I asked myself… was confused again.


I felt the food in my throat, eaten very fast, did not feel comfortable in the restaurant after what happened so I decided to wait Amy in the Hotel Hall.

The hall no was very -I think is a large room- had old paintings, a large antique Persian carpet in the center, comfortable and very old couches, library with varied books, few ornaments, had a sign No Smoking, a large dark oak oval wood table in the center, the floors always old and crispy wood, the pendulum was the only sound in that hall.  I look for space to get privacy and start my work again, support all the documents on the table and remember those eyes scared of the girl in the restaurant, the looks of others and my mind was confused for a moment, then decided to concentrate on my work, when my cell phone rang had messages I read quickly and answer to my Mother and my Sister, Tammy was quiet maybe she was busy with her party, I started working again and I took that photo to wish decipher the reason why felt panic this girl, when I felt a cold air around me, it seemed that come out from the floor, felt my feet very, when I look up, was surprised to see Amy immobilized in front of me looking the photo frame that I had in my hand, then she watched me with her dark eyes bright, had the same coat and scarf, this time had a huge hat that covered his hair,

“Good afternoon, Mr Taylor,” she greeted politely, keeping his gaze fixed on the photo.

“Hello Amy… I did not see you come,” I said very surprised and kept all the documents back in my backpack, getting ready to go out with Amy, only had my notebook for my notes, I wanted to find the piece to this puzzle,

“Did you sleep well Mr Taylor?”

“I think so… I’ve slept too much!” Said smiling.

‘”We must go before it goes dark out, follow me Mr Taylor, please…” said with a shy smile and her bright eyes, Amy was heading towards the Hotel exit, walking without moving her body, she seemed that did not touch the floor.

“Did you like the Hotel, Mr Taylor?”

“Well, it’s very old style here, but I sleep well, I’ve traveled through many countries and towns, the life in the city is so different, here seems time stopped!” I smiled

“In small towns, everyone knows each other and there is no news or event that can be hidden,” said Amy,

for a moment those bright dark eyes it gave the impression of being all pupils or being a hole, “but what things am I thinking?” I told myself.

“In this town they do not easily accept foreigners —” (was interrupted).

“Sure! You’re right, Amy! Today I had a very strange moment in the restaurant and they made me feel like an alien!” I smile, “but I’m still thinking in the reaction of the young waitress when she saw the old portrait… yeah, her eyes were full of panic… poor girl!” I said and Amy turn her head and fix me, then said,

“The people of this village are very strange… they do not accept foreigners,” she watched me with her bright dark eyes for a few seconds and kept walking, “in this small village everyone knowing everything,”

“Tell me Amy, where are we going?’ Asked so curious.

“We’re going to the Phyllis Family home,” said Amy.

“Phyllis…? Oh! The house of Jane Ro?”

“Yes, Mr Taylor…”


We walked in the direction of a huge dry field, grass very neglected, Amy knew the road very well, we were moving away from the center of the village, walking by a small hill and I could see 2 uninhabited houses and we continue climbing to reach an old Cemetery -its ancient stone carvings carved in dark stones with designs of angels, gargoyles, Celtic crosses, the road stopped being dry grass to be very sandy and rocky, we continue climbing and I could see an old wooden house uninhabited, had a tree of dried figs, its windows and doors were shielded with pieces of wood.

Amy stopped and asked,

“What do you know about this house and the Phyllis Family?” Her looking at that house.

“Hum… very little, I have tried to understand the documents and papers that my boss has given me… I want to find the key piece to this puzzle but is many things and documents what I do not understand,”

“Mr. Spencer explain you about this trip…?”

“Explain me what, Amy? “

“Well, about Jane Ro, his Family… about what happening here… how do you find the piece to all this, if you do not have the right information?”

“Sincerely Amy, I had little time to understand all these paperwork… there are many personal documents that… I can not understand —”

Amy watched me, her eyes did not shine but they were very dark and said,

“Follow me Mr Taylor, be careful of the creeper they have thorns,”

we walked towards the threshold of that house, everything was full of dust and very old woods, we surrounded the main terrace of the house to go towards the lower part of the house, a lot of dry grass and pieces of old woods, closets, and part of the bathroom, very old pipes were cornered as garbage, Amy stayed a few moments in silence as if observing something and then among all that thicket she introduced his bony hands looked for something on the ground, I watched it without understanding, when I felt chains crawling and I managed to see opened a padlock with a small key -like the one my boss gave me- then Amy opened that small door and said,

“We’ll go in here to the house, Mr Taylor… be careful, these stairs are very old,”

I carefully lower the steps of that staircase were very narrow and fragile, when managed to go down inside, Amy was standing in front to watching me and said,

“Mr. Taylor, do you felt fear to something?”

“Fear? I do not felt fear! I’m a journalist Amy,”

She look at me with her bright eyes, gave the impression that did not blink, I started to observe around me and the light of day began to get darker.

“Mr. Taylor, we can not be here after 7 pm… I think for today, it was enough,”

“Oh no Amy… do you think I’m afraid of the dark, you’re so wrong!’ I smiled as watched his face not make any movement,

“It’s not the light the problem Mr Taylor…“

At that moment look at in my backpack my hand torch and lit it, “I’m ready Amy,’” I smiling.

She was immobile in front of me her hands looked like bones and when I started to light with the torch, she covered her face with her bony hands,

“Please Mr Taylor, the light bothers me, thank you,”


“Do you want to continue Mr Taylor?”

“Of course… for this reason I came until here and I like discovery mysteries,”

Amy moved towards a corner of that rocky and cold basement, her hair waving as if there was a current of air…


“This house… was full of many emotions, sad and happy, this family Phyllis was a respectable middle class family, consisted of 4 brothers and 1 woman, but as every family in a small town, produced the biggest things at home -like bread, laundry, darning, embroidery, etc.- the sons helped the father with the animals they raised -sheep and goats- from where they produced the artisan cheese and then sell it in the town or at the fairs… here in this basement, the father and his sons produced the artisan wine, the people of this town came to appreciate this family artisan production a lot — “

“Oh! That’s why those huge barrels and that old wooden press!”

“Yes it is Mr. Taylor… the production began to be much more and the oldest of the sons, decided to travel to the next village to sell the own production, they traveled continuously, reaching other villages, everything was very happy, the production and sales were very good… until in winter season one day they suffered a lamenting accident with his cart and all falling into that abyss —” Amy made a silence, breathed deeply and in a low voice kept saying, “the pain of their deaths was very strong for the whole family, the father denied his young last son would travel outside the village… the mother suffered from a long depression and started having hallucinations, was controlling her so difficult, her nerves were very high… until died of collapse —” Amy sighed deeply and then continued, “certainly, all these sad events was a blow to this Family, being the daughter who start to take care of the house and support his brother production… the father became silent and sad, he was no longer interested in anything and spent his time sitting next to the chimney watching the firewood go away and sometimes was heard talking to one or some, what he observed in the roof and the son and daughter were worried about his mental health —”

“Amy, how do you know all about this?”

“In small towns, everything to known, Mr Taylor,”

“Wow… this story is very sad,”

“Mr. Taylor, it’s better go back to town, it’s getting dark,”

“I’m not afraid of the dark Amy… I’m not a believer in souls or so fantastic ghost stories,” I smiled.

Amy no move, continued in her initial position and watched me from there even if I did not see her eyes.

“Mr. Taylor, the fact is not to believe but to see, what I tell you, it was all real…

it is not a fantastic legend or ghost story —”

“Sorry, not wanted to offend Amy, but I do not fear of souls or horror stories, just do not believe in it!”

Amy, raise her look to mine, her eyes were opaque, they did not shine more, for a moment seemed to see her hands as skeleton bones,

“what madness!” I thought.

“We must go now—” exclaimed Amy, heading towards the entry staircase.

“One moment Amy… please tell me, we could enter the house?”

Amy did not turn her head and answered, “Yes… do you can enter from here to the house… are you curious Mr Taylor?”

“Of course! I am a journalist! I would like to see everything in order to write it and find the piece to this labyrinth… oh yeah, it is my mission, my work, I came here for this…”

Amy turned her head Quickly, his eyes shone again -I thought saw red stripes- and said,

“Are you sure Mr Taylor?”

“Oh yes, Amy, I want to get to the end of all this—”


Amy went to some small cement steps, that would take us to the first floor where the kitchen was, the tiles of the walls and the floor were designs old, they were very dirty and covered with dry leaves and others destroyed, could see the holes of the nails -where there were pastry, paintings or shelves- there were no doors or windows, they were covered by pieces of wood.

“This was the kitchen…” she paused and continued, “from here they prepared the artisan cheeses, at first worked mother and daughter… when the mother died, the work was very heavy for the daughter and decided to hire a lady from the village as help in the house and in the production, here passed good times the family between happy moments, “Amy crossed the huge kitchen to go to the door -without door- we went to a small hall where could see a huge semi-circular staircase leading to the second floor, to the right was a corridor that took us to a huge room and in the back there was another room, Amy told me it was the Family Library, today there is nothing left just a room dark and dirty, I very curious, watched everything and took my notes, there was a door -closed with pieces of wood- that imagine would be towards the service bedroom, come back to the huge room, there was nothing more than a huge chimney of rocks and stones, Amy was standing by the wall I could hardly see her well, with my torch illuminated each part watching and trying to imagine what happened there…

“Many things of the Family were stolen, destroyed by time, they have closed the windows and doors for this reason… on the second floor has 3 bedrooms and 1 master, a small attic which today is destroyed its roof and is nest of birds and pigeons now—” Amy remained silent as if observing something there move, then continued, “I think… we can not go up those stairs, they’re broken and I think it’s not safe for you Mr. Taylor,”

We left that room and I illuminated the staircase it had missing steps, but it still showed to have been elegant, the walls showed breaks and gaps, I tried to illuminate that second floor when I imagined seeing something move in the shadows, I lit my torch but could not see anything…

“I think for now, Mr Taylor was enough,”

“Yes, you’re right Amy, it was exciting to meet this Family… although I think something happened here… hum, its walls, the darkness and this tension in the air is like something else was happened here—”

Amy did not comment, she walked in silence quickly sliding her image towards the exit of the house, I walked behind at safe steps -it was difficult to walk between dust and pieces of wood and objects in pieces, I felt the atmosphere very heavy, maybe it was the darkness of the night that made me imagine things…


We walked back to the village, the night was very cold, the mist was falling on top of that field, I could see only the crosses and gravestones of the cemetery,

“What happened to this Family?” I asked.

Amy, remained motionless, as if do not imagine I asked, she sighed deeply and kept walking without answering me.

“What happened to the rest of this Family?” I asked again.

Amy, remained motionless, turned her face to observe that house, kept walking and said, “the Phyllis Family, had already lost 3 of its members, things were not like before in that house, the family did not share smiles, joys, special moments together to the huge fireplace… the father became silent, the other 2 sons with the only daughter, they began to take charge of the artisan production of wine and cheese, they were young people with renovating ideas without leaving the town, they gave initiative in making craft festivals attracting the attention of other villages that wanted to be present with their production, these festivals were held on weekends and was a great success for many… the daughter Phyllis decided to give a special touch to family cheeses, producing in different flavors, combinations and measures… to call attention their cheeses with hazelnuts, pecans, fruits of forest, honey, figs, etc… and call the attention of other people who came from far away to these festivals,” Amy paused and gave a deep sigh, stopped and look around her -as if looking for something- then said, “that weekend, many young people visited and a group of young people from the City delighted with the cheeses of the young Phyllis who calling the attention of one of them, thus being a friendship… the young Phyllis was very excited the visit of this young man of the City, who did not come more in a group and he stayed host at the only Hotel in the village for the whole weekend, waiting for the festival and meeting the young Phyllis…” Amy sighed again and moved her hands as if massaged nervous and I seemed to see his body tremble, and she continued the story, “this young man from big City, call the attention of the young woman very much, and a secret relationship was born between them, his brothers of the young woman did not agree to her secret outings to meet the young man in the village, they often told her about her distrust and, if she did not wish, she ended up with a sentimental wound because the people of Town have a different mentality, but the young woman was blind with love and very excited about this young man, she knew very well how to slip away with the apology of taking her products to the village or to buy ingredients, but a strong feeling was born in her and her giving a pure, honest and deep love towards this young man of City… without knowing that would have a tragic end—”

‘”Tragic end…?” I Asked very curious.

Amy, moved her legs nervously and looked around again, then continued, “the young Phyllis felt loved, filled with illusions, imagining that young man from the big City would ask for Marriage her… but, that young man felt very young for a serious relationship, he was a student at the University and he only wanted to have fun and great moments with that village girl… the young girl love him so much was her first love, but she did not know that he was not loved as her imagined—” Amy paused, trembling her hands and continued, “one day the father’s health was not good, his schizophrenia led to a mental imbalance, his screams in the house were uncontrollable, sometimes gave the impression of wanting to climb the walls or talk with someone, the painkillers could not control more he and their cries of terror could be heard until the neighboring house… the father started to hurt himself, calling to his dead sons and his wife, seemed to talk to someone else then laughed out loud and gave the impression of having a diabolic smile—”


Amy was paralysed in her thoughts, his body began to tremble and covered with the coat -as felt cold- her hair began to move as if they were fingers, and continue to said the story, “one night the young woman woke up to the sharp screams of death inside the house, out from her bed desperately towards the door of her bedroom, the cries of pain made her heart beating terrible fear, opened the door and felt a cold ice air on her face, the sound of a metal object brushing on the walls, silently walked towards the stairs and can see his father with bloody clothes, in his hand had huge bloody ax with a Machiavellian smile, he was climbing the stairs her gaze was vague, the young woman had heart throbbing with horror, she ran to her bedroom to hide, confused she did not know where to hide and thought to go to her closet, her heart still beating strong and she covered her mouth with hands -she did not want to scream, she did not want he heard- when felt the strong footsteps of her father climbing the stairs screaming her name, the sound of the ax rubbing against the wall to make the young woman more nervous… he entered opening the door with an uncontrollable force and with his ax break and destroyed everything in her room, when she saw that ax had gotten stuck in the mattress, she knew it time to escape and ran to the door, when she went to the stairs, stumbled upon with her brother who very nervous, wanted to contain the father’s anger… the young woman was coming down the stairs and she felt the screams of his brother, she wanting to wake up from this macabre dream in which his father lost himself, she felt the struggle of their bodies, screams, the cry of pain and death—”

“Amy, all that was real or did anyone tell you?”

Amy sighed deeply, started walking and said, “the desperate young woman, had hidden in the living room, with her fingers covering his ears, the death cries were strong and the smile macabre of the father, makes feel a creepy vibration of fear, his tears fell and the body trembled, felt his legs could hardly stand… as everything was in silent, she waited a few moments more -imagine perhaps her father was still searching her- but, the silence was total… the young woman decided out behind the huge chair -where she had hidden- and look at the most macabre scene never seen in his mind and soul… there, in the room was the body in pieces of his brother, his head had been cut from the body! The young woman ran with his hands covering his mouth, when she reached the huge staircase and saw the dead body of his bloody brother without a leg! There was the dead body of his father with the ax in his chest! The young woman watched as the blood ran down the stairs joining her brother’s blood in the living room… she had never seen so much blood and macabre scene in his life… to feel vomit,  faint and sharp pain in his stomach, was walking holding his belly, wanted to leave his house where the smell blood and death filled everything… but, she could no longer contain his horror, grinding desperately when saw at the entrance door the dead body without head of the Lady who helped in the house… the door was bloodied and the young woman saw her feet and pyjamas were stained with blood, her hands too when opened that door, she looked the blood in his body and screaming uncontrollably, running out for help…  cried out uncontrollably, his body trembled with fear and anguish without control — ‘

“And… what happened then with Jane Ro? Poor woman!”

Amy stopped for a moment, looked at me with those bright eyes, seemed to have flames of fire in them, kept walking and said, “was not the sadness of losing his family, was this macabre and tragic way… her living alone in that house full of memories, cries of death and loneliness, she sent constant letters to this young man City without replied… the neighbors came to visit her and helping the young woman was pregnant, yes this fruit of her pure love with that young man from a city that forgotten her… people said saw her talking to ghosts in this house, there was no more light than the lit fireplace in the living room, the pieces of broken wood were burned in the fireplace, his hair had growing and forgotten his personal aspect… the people of the village started to commented and others were afraid about this story—”

“Oh… honestly it’s very sad… Jane deserved something better in life,” I said confused by the story.

Amy silently, kept moving her hands nervously, then we kept walking, we were very close to the village and Amy kept saying,

“the young woman never received any letters from her beloved man, the months advanced and that belly growing… the village looked at her as a woman without honor, without a husband and her son without a father… the young woman no wanted be helped by anyone, she feared her son was robbed, her mental health was getting worse… one day the baby coming, she did not know what to do and her despair of not losing his baby made run scared for help but the baby fell and hitting in the rocks of the road, she took his baby in her hands, seeing the blood again and made feel that macabre fear again, starting to scream very loud… the neighbors heard this macabre cries of the young woman and wont helping but it was too late for the baby… after that, the neighbours of the village listened their screams and macabre smiles, they saw her walking naked through the countryside and dancing around her fig tree, always she in the window as waiting someone… the neighbours asked the authorities an act of mercy to put her in Psychiatric Hospital… but, this did not help much, because that young woman had not only lost her family, she lost too her honour, love and her baby… her mental balance was not good and received many tests and electroshock, but she was not the same happy young woman, no more… in her silence hospital room she kept writing letters to his young man city without lucky… the young woman asked the Psychiatrist to put all these letters, documents, photos, test and more in an envelope to send it to the address of the young man city, she made him promise, but the young girl never knew if he came to kept his promise… one day she asked to visit his family and son to the cemetery, but that day she managed to escape and fled to his home, she looked for as if someone hid it in the shadows of that house, one day before Halloween party, the whole village and neighbours felt the macabre cry of the young woman… they went out in search of her and saw the grisly event look at her naked body hung from the fig tree of her house, her body was moving as if someone doing it, the leaves was dried, the tree was with blood and the dark trunk gave the impression of being the image of a man who hugged her—”

“Oh poor Jane Ro…!”

“From that day… the soul of the young Phyllis, travels in search of peace… it is that the first day before Halloween, some manage to see her from the window of her bedroom crying macabre and then felt her creepy screams and diabolical laughter… at midnight on Halloween they see her skeleton hanging from the fig tree… some say see the whole dead Phyllis family walk from the Cemetery towards their house, to then hear the macabre crying and screams of death inside the house… it is said that they all died without blessing and forgiveness, for this reason their souls walk in search of peace… or of justice—”


We were in front of the Hotel and Amy said goodbye,

“Mr. Taylor, we have arrived at your Hotel… tomorrow I will come for you at 6:00 pm… eh, tomorrow is October 31… it’s Halloween… good night Mr. Taylor,” Amy walking and disappear in the fog of that night.

I was very confused in the Hotel door, really did not know whether to enter or stay out to keep thinking,

“what story was this? And who is that city man be? Why my boss sent me here? What does this story mean to my boss and that young woman?”

I was confused and thought was very close to finding the piece to this puzzle.

“Mr. Taylor, it’s very cold out here, come in please!” Said the young hotel receptionist,

I turned my face and thanked with a gesture, walking directly to my bedroom, I was still confused, in my bedroom put all the papers and documents on the table and looked again, wanted to analyse it, for the first time I did not reach a conclusion final logic,

“But who was Jane Ro for my boss? Who was this young woman?” Asked myself without answer, when I took in hand the portrait photograph of that woman and I felt a cold ice air run my body… that was Amy! I thought maybe my imagination after hearing that fantastic story made me hallucinate, so I decided to go to sleep, the businesses were closed and the restaurant also…


The next morning I woke up early and took my Breakfast Bonus -I went without my backpack- I had slept hungry and enjoyed the warm food without taking interest from the looks from the others, walked through the village, there were not many businesses and I wanted to imagine the story by Amy told me about this young woman and this man of city, after walking, I decided to return to the Hotel and take a rest, felt exhausted and did not know why… my cell phone alarm rang and woke up me, time to go to lunch and enjoy typical dishes of the village, then back to the Hotel to write my work -I always do it this and when it’s ready I sent it to my boss by mail online- I was focused on this topic when my alarm cell phone again indicating me was the 5 25 pm -I know that soon come Amy, turn off my laptop and got ready to wait, that afternoon was very cold, from the window I saw the lights of the decoration of Halloween and the candles in the pumpkins were distinguished very tenuous, observe my time and it was 6 pm and Amy not yet come, I decided to give him the meeting in that house, left the Hotel quickly on my way to the house of the Phyllis Family.

I walked briskly away from the village, remembering the road, the fog was getting denser and I managed to see the crosses and gargoyles of that old Cemetery and I knew was close, my anxieties and my heart was pounding and I thought maybe it was walked fast, when I passed those 2 abandoned houses, seemed to see light inside but then I saw was all dark,

“maybe was the fog that played that night” I thought and smiling.

I kept walking up that hill when I saw the house of the Phyllis Family, the fog It surrounded the whole house, the cold was cooler and darker, crossed the dry bushes and my eyes were filled with surprise when I saw… lights in that house!

“How could have light? Maybe Amy wanted to scare me for Halloween?”

I thought and smiled imagining it was a joke… but as approached that house I felt chill in my skin -for the first time I felt a macabre chill- when saw that house with windows, doors, curtains, armchairs in its terrace, and that live fig tree! My mind got confused and I did not knew what to think at that moment, because it was illogical for me to see that house in its reality… but, yesterday was abandoned, old, without doors and windows sealed with wood, without light and now that house was alive!

When I felt a macabre scream… I ran towards the house and from that window, was able to see a shadow that was watching with scared face, I not know who it, the fog clouded my eyes so decided to go through that door where we went with Amy yesterday, take that small key out of my pocket and open this small door to go into the cellar, but what surprised my eyes looked there! I felt the vibration in my skin to see that cellar full of bottles of wine, the press machine was not older and was full of grapes, on the table there were full bottles for labelling, “but what’s happening here?” I asked myself very confused when the macabre scream of pain and death was stronger and harder, quickly through the door towards the kitchen, my eyes looked at everything with surprise again! That kitchen had cabinets, pots in the huge kitchen and a table in the centre… I did not have more time to observe and I went into the house, running towards the huge staircase when I felt a body move on the floor beating with his feet and hands, when from the entrance of the room I could see an old man enraged diabolically cutting with his axe the neck of a young man what moved his hands and feet in pain extremely without being able to scream any more, his eyes were wide with pain and death!

The old man managed to get his head out and shot him with diabolical laughter, his eyes were red and his hands for the blood of that young man death and still jumped on the floor. This old man with the ax in hand went towards the stairs to shouting, “Jane Ro, where are you dear daughter?”, my heart was throbbing with horror -never felt this fear- when I saw lean out in the second floor a young woman in pajamas and I saw her face was Amy! I thought “the diabolic old man believed her is his daughter but is Amy!”, Very confused I was paralyzed in the corridor observing the old man reach the second floor and kick that door to enter with the fury of demons, I felt screaming and destroying everything in that bedroom, then that young girl come out Amy or Jane Ro? I was confused… this woman ran down the stairs quickly and other young man want to put stop this evil old man who furiously started a body fight but the old man cut with the ax the young man’s leg and giving many cuts in his body, the old man laughing diabolically when slips in the young man’s blood and the ax sticks in his chest… I never saw so much horror! The blood ran down the stairs and the macabre screams of death ceased to being all in silence, I saw Amy or Jane Ro? Running out from the living room with desperate eyes, covering the mouth with her hands, she saw the scene on the stairs, I saw her tremble of fear and horror, ran to the front door and there found another dead body without a head -was an old lady- Amy or Jane Ro? Can not contain her horror when left that house where smell of dead bodies as the macabre horror of that whole scene… yeah, so real!


“What horror I had witnessed there? But what a confuse to see that young woman and then was Amy!” I thought very confused, decided to leave that house of horror to go behind that young woman… when I saw the young woman in pajamas screaming like crazy and then her screams were like that of a furious animal, she pull out his pajamas and was naked, her hair moved like hands, the body started to move as something inside of her to ran towards that tree, its branches moved like many hands that embraced her and the dark trunk gave the impression of having life or a body man… those branches took her neck and the body move without being able to breathe,

“No Amy stop!” Scream desperately to see her body move wildly, those branches hanging and lifted her upward pulling her neck and unmasking her eyes exorbitant were bright and red as the blood that came out from his eyes and mouth, the branches kept tightening his neck and moved his death body as having fun to make her suffer in his death!

“No Amy, no!” I screamed desperately, my eyes filled with tears -I never felt this feeling- I wanted this not to happen, I did not want her die like this and I did not know how to put stop this macabre destiny! I fell on my knees before this chilling scene when his body stopped moving… the branches stopped tightening his neck to leave hung and inert her body…

“Noo Amy!” I scream desperately, “No Amy no! What’s going on here! Please what happens here!“

“Oh… my love you come for me?” Said a sweet voice behind me.

I got up quickly and turned my face when I saw the most horrific scene ever seen in all my years as a journalist… it was Jane Ro or Amy at the same time, their faces combined between himself… I was very confused, that body had rotten skin and could see his bones, his nails long and violet like his face, no had eyes just black holes, his teeth without lips… that face was a rotten skeleton!

His macabre smile were like animal cries a spooky sound! I took a step back and said,

“Amy, what a joke is this?”

“All these years I waited for you love, my soul was not in peace, I have wanted you so much to see your arrival… and today, yes today you are here finally with me!” She screamed with the sound of a furious animal, his breath was nauseating… when those black holes shone with a reddish light, their hair flew like fingers looked like the movement of the branches of that fig tree!

“Amy, what happens? Stop your jokes!” I shouted very seriously, although felt a macabre vibration inside me.

“Love, it’s me, your Jane Ro!”

“What—?” (I was interrupted).

“Mr Taylor… your grandfather Joseph Taylor… yes my great love, my only love that I loved and believed in him… I never had any answer from Joseph in all this time, he was not interested any more in me or in our son… even if I send so many letters of mine! The director of the Asylum, Dr Spencer told me that Joseph had married and formed a family with a young woman from his University of the big City, he asked him no want to be more informed about me, oh yes I went into madness, fear and despair never felt down my soul, I did not understand how the father of my son, the man who told me love me, was so indifferent and cold to me but preferred his new woman and family in the city… Dr Spencer promised me but Joseph never arrived in time to save myself, my soul of death… yes, I let my soul go in diabolic hands to asking in return my great wish to come true now—”

“What was your great wish Amy or Jane Ro?”

“I Jane Ro… will take you with me on behalf of your Grandfather Joseph for that love what he never honoured me… but my soul will rest in peace for all his eternity… just next to my eternal love Mr Taylor… my great and only forever and ever together now!” She gave a cry of furious animal, his hair opened like a hands and jump over me hugging me, his hair rolled up in my body like the branches of that fig tree, pulled my skin wanting to break it! His filthy nails ripped my skin, I screamed in pain! His skeletal fingers entered my mouth tearing my tongue without mercy, my eyes full of horror saw his diabolical face laughing at my pain, his eyes were fire, when I heard voices behind me that plucked my hair from its root, I kept screaming inside of me and drowning myself with my own blood when the face of Amy or Jane Ro approached very close to my eyes screaming like a beast and with his sharp nails ripped my eyes -the pain was extreme- I could not see or speak, but I could hear and feel!

“Mr Taylor, your heart is mine now for all the eternity… just mine!”

I felt his filthy nails enter my skin like a knife, his hand ran through my skin looking for my heart, I felt a huge burning in my chest, felt pain, his scream was horrible… when I tear my heart!

That woman jumped with my heart in her hand -still throbbing- she leap over my inert body and her hair entangled my body turning us both with movements frantic…

It was a macabre swirl of our bodies, that got under the earth… it took me with it… for all the eternity


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