Message from the Author: “Many times we are incredulous, to a reality that stops being a legend.”

Genre:  Horror Tale

Author:  Celia Bailes © amadriadi

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Created:  14/10/2016

Dedicated toWho did not lose their optimism in me and supported unconditionally my crazy artistic soul“, to my husband Keith Bailes and my parents Emma Centti & Rivo Sanchez.


My father smoke the pipe -with his calmness that always peculiar in him- sitting in his comfortable couch, while reading newspaper and watching TV at the same time, I often wondered, “he was concentrated on it or was simple a routine,”

My mother, was reclining in the big couch while talking on the phone with her friend Olga -from school- with our Chihuahua doggy mom’s conceited -who was reclining on her legs- while mum caressed him and chatted to the phone pleasantly with her friend, this was her daily routine fun.

My sister Jess -less years old than me- played in her bedroom with his friends, from the living room we could feel the footsteps of all of them making the roof vibrate, dad occasionally observed this large antique lamp moved and only towards a moan of non-acceptance it.

I, was finishing eating the orange cake that mum had coked, sincerely she did not cook but the bakery liked it sometimes.

At home that day it seemed all normal, the daily routine of my family, even when suddenly came home, my older sister Annie with her boyfriend Lucas, (a few months more for that event) with big surprising her entry to break our routine of that moment.

“Hello everyone! Mum, I we’re here!” Greeted my sister so happy, and quickly entering in the living room where we were enjoying our daily routine. My sister Annie smiled, her eyes were illuminated with big emotion that we could not understand at that moment, her future husband, walking slowly behind her, in silence. When, we felt the door of my sister Jess’s bedroom open quickly and her run up fast the stairs so screaming with excitement,

“Annie! Annie!”

“Hi little crazy!” Annie answered.

“Are we going to the Shop Mall, today?” Jess asked enthusiastically, and her friends watching the scene from the stairs.

“Hum… no! I’m sorry my little crazy, we can not go today, I’m about to give a great news that will amaze everyone and also to you!” Said Annie with her eyes illuminated, and watching the family scene that was a routine.

I thought, Annie wanted to put some encouragement today and,

“Mum, dad… I’m going to give some great news and want your attention, please!” Said Annie so excitedly, while her boyfriend silently greeted us with a movement hand to all of us gave the impression that did not want to interrupt

Annie at that moment, and sat quickly in the angle of the couch next to me, offering me a shy smile.

My sister Jess, was static from her place with her open mouth what not understanding was happening at the moment. My father, still smoking his pipe slowly -without moving any muscle of his body- seemed that no one could break his everyday routine life. My mother, watching Annie with curiosity and a serious gesture, because her daily conversation was interrupted when, her covered the phone with hand, and making a forced pause to asked,

“are you pregnant, Annie?”

“What? Ooh… noo oh noo mum!” Said Annie with a shy smile.

“No? Hmm, sorry… I do not see the reason for your excitement Annie and, come here to interrupt us now!”

“Mum please! It’s not the only thing that could excitement yours, what I’m going to tell yours, maybe thrilled everyone in something… I hope!” Said Annie was standing in the middle of the room, her eyes were still lit and watching each one of us.

My sister Jess, now had a serious face. My mother, continued with her curious look. My father did not make any movement to change his routine. And, I kept eating slowly my cake.

“Okay! Annie, if you’re not pregnant and we know you’re getting married soon! Hum, what could get you so excited to enter as a lightning bolt to broke our day?” Said mum seriously, now she sitting on couch and putting on her slippers, “let’s me see! You won the lottery, Annie? Eh? Please talk now! I have Olga in phone line—”

“Ooh… Mum, why you’re always like that! You’re not happy with anything more than talking to your old friend and… Dad just being happy to smoke his pipe, rather than expressing himself! Always here is a routine boring life without any emotions!”

“Heey! Wait at moment Annie! What do you think to talk us in this way? More respect! Now, tell me, what could excite us more than? Tell me!”

“Mum, please—” (was interrupted).

“Annie dear, talk low please… now start my favorite show on television!   Please, why do not go all to the kitchen to still chatting?” Said Dad with serious face, while concentrating on the television.

“Annie… talk now!” Said mum very nervous

“How are boring Family! Ooh! Take away all the emotion to speaking—” (was interrupted).

“Well! Please, are going to the kitchen… now?” Said dad so seriously and this time, he turned his head to observe us.

“Annie, speak now!” Shouted mum.

“Okay… today, we were at the house of Lucas’s parents and, his uncles, nice couple, arrived and they were excited to meet me, then know about our next marriage, and… they invited us all, to spend this long weekend at their house in the mountain, they have a huge house, it is a place away from the city, It is all made of wood the house… also has a private lake in front the house and…honestly I thought that… we could go all the family to enjoy this long weekend there!” Said Annie with luminous eyes.

Her boyfriend, silently watched each one of us. Mum and dad, they were confused with what they had heard now, they looked at each other and watched Annie who smile shyly.


“Hum… this weekend, Annie?” Asked Jess, perplexed, “sorry but… I can not go, it’s the Halloween costume party at the Shop Mall, we’ll go with my friends!”

“Going out on a trip… to the mountains?” Said Dad slowly as he watched the television, slowly smoked his pipe as if thinking about what he had heard.

“Ooh no, Annie, sorry, I do not think it’s such a great idea as you imagine it!” Said mum who returned to recline in the couch and initiating to talk with her friend on the phone -who was asking about what’s happening- and Mum answered, “Darling, this is so crazy! Yeah… Annie is so excited like a hummingbird, because she want all the family goes to the mountain this long weekend! Eh… mmm, yes… oh… it’s crazy idea!”

“Mum, please! Do not talk about this way! Make your own decisions… please Mum, Jess do the same, It is a beautiful place as described Lucas’s uncles… and I thought honestly, that we could all be together as a family this weekend and break this routine life! Hum, Robin, are you coming with us?”

Oh yes, my name is Robin and I was so quiet watching the scene and non imagine asking me Annie, at that moment I did not know what to answer, “hmm… oh! Annie I do not know—”(was interrupted).

“You do not know? What? You do not have a girlfriend, you do not go out with friends, you do not have a social life, you just know how to play with your electronic game on your computer… sorry, what more interesting thing could do this weekend Robin? Ha Ha,” Mockingly Jess with her friends, who watched me from the stairs.

“Hey little crazy! Do not confuse our brother, and think more about you, please,” said Annie serious, who walked slowly and sitting on the side of Lucas, and holding his hand.

“I will not go! I not go!” Said so furious Jess.

“Annie, when supposedly we should go?” Asked mum, to putting on his reading glasses, finishing the pleasant chat with her friend, then sat to watching Annie.

“Oh… This Friday we should go mum! Hmm, it’s Halloween and it’s holiday, yeah… it’s a long weekend!” Said Annie, very excited, looking at Lucas with her bright eyes. Lucas, still did not make any movement, just watched the scene in silence.

“What do you think dear, about this?” Mum asked Dad.

“I do not darling! Hmm… the road to the mountain is always a long road and—” (was interrupted).

“Excuse me! But, my uncles live in the colony of ‘Minnoy’ well, this is between the mountains and… the great ‘Izzu’s Forest,’ Said Lucas with a shy smile, at observing us.

“Izzu!” Exclaimed Dad, with surprised eyes, not watching more the TV, now he watching Lucas, “It is said… many things about it… and, there… is a legend of that forest—”

“Dad, do not tell me you believe in legends! Please…! Is just a legend for children!” Said Annie and smile.

“Annie… I’m not afraid, just very surprised to go… just in that forest,” said serious Dad, and still watching Lucas.

“Listen! With legends or not legends! I will not go, noo! Okay?” Grinned Jess.

I, did not know what dad was talking about, was disinterested in the subject in this moment, just listened because was present at that moment.

“Stop talking so many nonsense!” Exclaimed mum, “the most important thing is to know, if Lucas’s uncles have rooms for all of us?”

“Oh yes mum! It’s a big house with extra 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, I think we’re all in!” Said Annie, and smiling with Lucas.

“My aunt and uncle were very excited with the idea of being together this weekend!” Said Lucas timidly.

“Hmm, I… still think of that forest—” Said dad in a low voice, smoke his pipe and looking with a vague look the smog.

“Dad, please! Do not put those unreal stories in your mind,” said Annie.

“Well, if that’s is… let’s all get ready for this weekend!” Said mum, and getting up go to the kitchen, kiss dad on his forehead and asking, “do you want tea or hot coffee dear?”

Dad, still numb in his thought, the smoke of his pipe was more stronger.

“Hey! Wait a moment! I repeat you! I have a commitment this weekend and—”  (was interrupted).

“Jess! Listening to me, when you have 17 will remind me it… today you only have 11 and I said that, we are going to prepare ours suitcases and it is included for Robin too!” Said serious mum, and walking away towards the kitchen, behind was our Chihuahua doggy.

“I hate you!” Sobs Jess, and walking away down the stairs to her bedroom, along with her friends.

“Hey little crazy! We’ll all be together this weekend!” Said Annie, but Jess had already left without listening.

“Robin, you’re going with us, right?” Ask me Annie curiously.

‘Well… eh… mm, everything is already organized by mum… I think it would not be a bad idea to go—” Said and watched my sister smile and Lucas watched me directly.

“Organized?” Murmured Dad in a low voice, “I still thinking about that forest… and everyone think about having fun time there—”

“Do not worry! We will be at my uncle’s house, they are cordial people and… we will enjoy this long weekend… as a family,” said Lucas, and observing dad, “my uncle, like to fishing and… I think could make a good friendship,”

“Lucas… let’s go to the kitchen, let’s quiet Dad,” Said Annie, and taking Lucas by the arm. Watching dad, so confusing in his silence, I did not understand why Dad felt this and also decided to leave him too in his reflection and I got up go to my bedroom, soon started to play my favorite basketball team.

Just could see that something had broken the routine of my family today…


That morning we had breakfast with Mum at the table, Jess did not want to go down in table with us and Dad was still in his bedroom. Mum answered her messages from her friend on the cell phone, while savoring her breakfast, it was her moment that most excited and of course, at night in her beloved chair to chat. I, in silence -as usual- slowly ate my breakfast. My mother, preparing the Coffee Thermos and the basket with sandwiches, biscuits, rolls and cheese -the favorite of dad- began to prepare the trip,

“Robin, do not forget to prepare your suitcase, please! We must be ready by 11am, Lucas coming with Annie,” said Mum, and finishing enjoying her breakfast.

“Yes mum… do not worry,” answered and getting up from the table, I had already finished my breakfast and went to my bedroom to finish fixing my little suitcase what I used it in my only school camp. When felt Jess’s cries in her bedroom, and knew that this trip was not joyful for her. I turned on my computer to finish my game and spend the hours. Felt the slow steps of dad walking down the corridor and down the stairs. Mum, sorted all this ready for the trip and called her Chihuahua doggy, but dad was still silent. Well, decided to close my bedroom door to concentrate on my game. The hours passed very quickly, when felt knocking on the door of my bedroom, it was the voice of Mum,

“Robin, are you ready?” Then mum knocked on Jess’s door, “Jess, are you ready?” Felt the steps of Mum coming down the stairs.

I turn off my computer and thought it time to prepare me, took my coat and the cap of my basketball team -a Dad’s gift- my little suitcase, in the pocket of my coat, put my headphones to listen music and thought, that had everything. Left my bedroom quietly, in Jess’s bedroom still it was all quiet, down the stairs and Mum take their bags to the car of Dad, her huge shoulder bag -where was his little doggy- then she looked the time in her wristwatch, thought she controlling the time that Annie and Lucas would arrive. Dad, walked slowly from the dining room to the entrance corridor, entered the living room looking for something and then went in search of his coat and hat, but no made gesture of joy,

“Come on Robin, they’re here!” Grinned Mum, “Hurry Jess!” Grinned mum, from the door of the house, while arranging her scarf and her enormous glasses. Dad, crossed by my side and said, “come on son to the car,”

Walked behind dad and watched Lucas’s car, Annie waved us, dad just watched them and continued in the direction of his car. Answered with my hand and put my suitcase in the back of Dad’s car, and then sitting down, was still almost half asleep, it was Friday and was almost 11am, it had been a long week at school, but Fridays were always boring because I had nothing else to do at home, than to play with the computer. It, started the cold weather of the Autumn and to rain delicately, I could feel the humidity in the air, “maybe in mountain the climate would do all good,” I thought, when look at Jess creaming with tears from the door of the house and mum pulling her out, to close the door of the house,

“I do not want to go, noo! I not want!” Grinned Jess furiously, between tears.

“Go to the car Jess… now!” Shouted mum.

When, Annie called Jess to go in the car with her.

“That little girl… is becoming more rebellious and… conceited! Always wants to do what she imagines and not respecting us… should talk to her!” Said mum, as she got into the car with his doggy -who moaning as sensed something- or maybe did not like car trips, I thought. When, Lucas’s car moved ahead of us, beckoning with the lights of his car. It was when dad started his car to follow him.

“The rain started stronger dear, go slowly please,” said mum was talking hugging her doggy that was still moaning. Dad, still silent, did not answer anything, just smoked his pipe slowly and followed the path that Lucas indicated. The rain began to fall strongly.

“Are you listening to me, dear?” Said Mum.

“Yes, I listen to you… and, listen to everyone else… I still think about that forest—”

“Silly things, dear!” Smiled mum, “are pure legends,” and turned on the radio looking for the Jazz music station -which both liked- I was in the back seat and thought It time to put on my phones and listen my music. Watched the road from my window, watched as we walked away from the city and thought about what dad was so worried. Our path began to become narrower and gave the impression that we were going up and back leaving the city, the road was not well distinguished, the trees were taller and they covered the light that little by little was weaker. Mum, opened the picnic basket and offered coffee to dad and me, I accepted and dad drank quickly his coffee and keeping the wheel of the car with the other hand, mum savoured a sandwich and gave a piece to his doggy, who was still moaning in fear. Mum offered a sandwich and accepted, dad preferred only to drink coffee. Finished my sandwich and coffee, then leaned back in the seat, closing my eyes, wanted to concentrate on the music although, but was still very curious thinking about what dad was talking, what was worrying, what was the meaning of that forest, was asking myself.


When we felt Dad suddenly stopped the car, my mother gave a big shout and his little doggy was still moaning with fear. Opened my eyes scared, sat down quickly to observe what was happening, when observed dad outside the car heading towards Lucas’s car, mum came out of the car quickly-leaving her doggy in the car- mum moved her hands nervously and talked to Lucas and Annie, I could distinguish the head of my sister Jess, who remained immobile in Lucas’s car. They spent a few moments out, then see Lucas talking on his cell phone and my parents came back to the car, the rain was very strong and it felt cold.

“What happened dad?” Asked very worried.

“Ooh… Lucas put the wheel of his car in a hole and it’s stuck! I could pull his car, but… says calls his insurance some help but can not locate any, so… hum I am thinking calling his uncle to help him,” said dad, and starting to light his pipe.

“But… how he did not see the hole?” Exclaimed nervous mum, picked up her picnic basket and took out a Coffee Thermos, put some sandwiches and rolls and took it to the Lucas car, then quickly back to dad’s car.

“Please dear, we do not start making problems. They are all good and nothing more serious happened. I stopped in time and it’s all right… it’s another thing that worries me more at the moment—” Said dad, and looking around, the fire of his pipe was more red and outside began darken.

“Ooh! It’s not even 3 pm and it’s all dark here!” Exclaimed nervous mum and looking out around, “and Lucas’s uncles will come? Hmm… how is it possible that the insurance does not work today? So incompetence!” Exclaimed Mum, and waving her arms nervously.

Dad, continued in silence and observing around out, that it was getting darker, a fog began to fall that could hardly distinguish Lucas’s car.

“It’s so cold dear!” Grinned Mum, who wore her wool shawl and wrapped her little doggy in his blanket.

“A coffee, please dear,” ask dad in a calm tone, “Robin, do you want more coffee?”

Accepted and in silence we both drank coffee, while Mum preparing a sandwich for dad, she offered me but I did not want to eat.

I was confused and worried of what said about that forest, but I did not know what the legend was…


“Knock Knock Knock,”

Some touched the car’s window strongly, when we saw strong lights blinking in front of us.


Dad, under down the window quickly and could distinguish an elderly couple -in good healthy- both smiled and behind them, was Lucas.

“They are my uncles! Came to help us… can you follow his car, please?” Said Lucas to my father.

The rain stopped but being strong the fog and dense.

“Oh! Nice to meet you… thanks for coming,” said dad and putting the car in motion.

Mum, just waved her hand, was quietly worried, her doggy started to moan louder.

The elderly couple, watched us closely with their dark and bright eyes, “well It is better that we go now, it is not safe to be in the middle of the road and even more in the night at mountain… please follow me,” said Lucas’s uncle as he walked away towards his huge 4×4 car.

I thought, “how could that old couple handle a this huge car?” Watched my sisters move with their suitcases to the huge car and then turn on their lights blinking, indicating to follow them.

Dad, smoked his pipe slowly. Mum, had accommodated her chair to lie down, hugging her little doggy, which slowly moan. I, wanted to see something outside, it was so dark, could not distinguish anything and it felt very colder as we continued climbing that road. Dad, turned on the heating In the car and focused on following the light of the car. We entered a serpentine road, our car wobbled and at the sides could not distinguish anything, we were guided only by the lights of Lucas’ uncle’s car, from time to time when we passed by curves, the huge lights of the car illuminated the terrain around us and I seemed to see something move but then I thought, “it’s just my imagination,” Mum, fell asleep, with her doggy in her arms that had her eyes open. Dad, still in silent smoking his pipe. I, start thinking about those eyes of Lucas’s uncle, had a strange brightness but then thought, “it’s just my imagination,” snuggled into the seat, feeling the car climb higher up the road and getting more darker outside.


“Dear… we arrived!” Said Dad to waking up Mum.

“We arrived?” Asked Mum and looking around, took the picnic basket and the bag to put her doggy in it, but he did not want to go in, something made the doggy nervous and Mum talked to with love, to calm the doggy, but his frightened eyes had never seen our doggy. Dad, quietly opened the car door and walking towards the back, to take our bags,

“Robin! Please, give me a hand!” Said Dad.

I went out quickly to help Dad, the huge car still had its lights on and my sisters with Lucas walking towards the huge house, was helping Dad and Mum was going in front with the dog who start to moaning with fear.

“Poor little doggy, does not like this place… we are two,” said dad in a low voice, not wishing to offend Lucas’s uncles.

Loading my suitcase and a Mum bag, could see the huge lights in the doorway of the entrance door, but everything around that house was very dark. We climbed a few stairs of only three steps to see a huge terrace, we headed towards the huge carved wooden door, all the terrace was very well lit, from the entrance portal the old couple with a shy smile watched us and welcomed us,

“welcome…follow me, please,” said Lucas’s uncle, who was heading inside the house. Lucas’s aunt, an elderly woman of medium height, her arms and legs were thin and had a big belly, I thought, “her body was not proportioned,” her eyes bright and dark, with huge smile showed perfectly white teeth, I thought, “maybe is fake,” her long dark hair tied at the nape of her neck and wore a funny purple and black dress, I thought, “maybe is her Halloween costume,” his husband was shorter height and thinner body, wore glasses and his eyes were very smart, both smiled welcoming us from the threshold of his house.

Lucas, was with my sisters Annie and their suitcases in the entrance hall.

They, invited us to a huge room, could feel it was very hot, this huge fireplace was lit and decorated with some Halloween decoration.

“Please follow me… I will show your bedrooms,” said Lucas’s uncle and smiling timidly.

We, crossing the huge room, went to a narrower passageway, to get to a small hall, where there were only doors, no windows -sincerely I had not seen windows inside the house- Luke’s uncle opened the first door and said,

“these are the bedrooms and the following doors are the bathrooms… please sit comfortably! I go to the kitchen to help my wife now, we imagine be hungry, the road was very long until here,” Said Lucas’s uncle with his shy smile ended up in the same narrow corridor.

“I’m so sorry about what happened—” Said Lucas.

“Do not worry, Lucas… nothing serious happened,” said Dad, who observed everything around him.

“Well, what’s our bedroom?” Asked anxious Mum, was tired from the long trip.

“Please mum…choose your,” said Annie as she hugged mum.

Jess, was silent from an angle, looking towards the ground with her suitcase in hand.

“Well… I prefer the first bedroom near the bathroom,” said Mum and grabbing her suitcase with her doggy’s bag.

“Okay mum! And… we’ll take this,” said Annie, “guys choose your bedroom please,”

Jess, silently picked up her suitcase and entered in the door behind her.

I had to choose mine. My parents, went into their chosen bedroom and dad was whispering something to mum -that I could not hear- my sister Jess came quickly to her bedroom and closed quickly the door, my sister Annie smiling and entered in his bedroom with Lucas and they left the door open.

I had to enter in the bedroom, could see that they were simple and not very large room, had the necessary and a small window that was protected by soldiers bars, “Why would Lucas’s uncles do this, steal here?” I thought. Tried to observe from the small window to the outside but had no luck, so decided to open my briefcase to hang my clothes in that small closet, look around me and there were no other objects just the closet, bed and a small table with a lamp next to the bed, took off my coat and hung it on the door rack along with my scarf and hat, then decided to lie on the bed and from there looked at the bedroom. The house was built in an old design and its decoration was all in wood, it was clean and impeccable, in comparison to my house that was all excessively decorated -mum liked to put on a new decoration- watched everything, when I thought saw some shadows outside that were reflected in the small curtain of the window and then in the ceiling of the bedroom, “maybe it’s Dad or Lucas in the car?” I thought. Put on my headphones and tried to close my eyes to concentrate on the music, but it was something that did not allow me to concentrate and did not know what it was, had never felt these anxiety, when someone knocks on the bedroom door, “Robin, dinner is served,” said Annie.

I got up quickly from the bed and removed the headphones, was hungry at that time, although if the sandwich was delicious and comforting on the trip. I went towards that little table to support my cellphone with the headphones, when again sensed being observed by someone or something out there, went back to the window without being able to see nothing, but my anxiety became more acute it was when decided to leave that bedroom. My parents, talking with Lucas and Annie in the small hall, my father was muttering something under Lucas, that I could not hear well. My sister Jess, with her serious face started to walk behind my parents who follow Lucas to the kitchen. I, walking in silence observing part of that house -something in it made me so anxious- had no adornment, no paintings, no dressers, the floor was made of wood, only had lamps no other lamps around, no mirrors or armchairs in the hall or corridor. We advance until get back in that living room to head in the parallel sense towards another corridor that would guide us at the huge kitchen and dining room -all together- in the huge kitchen, I thought, “maybe it was mountain house,” its huge pans cooked something, likewise there were no paintings, no ornaments and their only small window with irons bars, on the floor there were big straw baskets full of apples, potatoes and corn. A huge rectangular table and heavy wooden chairs, without tablecloth or decorations -maybe I was habitual to the things at home- watching the ceiling and it was the same decoration of the bedroom, with a huge and unique lamp.


“Welcome to our house! We are happy of your visit,” said joyfully Lucas’s uncle, and inviting us to sit down at his table, his wife -who was cooking- made us a shy greeting with his hand while cooking and watching one of his three large ovens -what cooked something- then, take out a large baking dish and support it quickly in the table, her husband helped with the next tray, while his wife was leaning on the table, baked potatoes and corn, the husband supported a kind of bread made at home, then put a jug in ceramic -which contained hot gravy for the meat- the wife brought small glasses with a bottle of wine, and then sat down next to her husband who started serving the wine and then the wife invited us to serve us. I made myself at the source, but that stew had no perfume, did not have potatoes and the meat was something darker and in larger pieces, it seemed like a stew very different what cooked mum at home, did not have peas or carrots this stew. My father served his plate and offered to mum. Jess, watched the food without making any sign of expression. My sister Annie smiled with Lucas and they both started eating.

“Sorry… this stew is very strange—” I said and felt watching me Lucas, my sister Annie and Lucas’s uncles,

“Son… do not be indiscreet, please…”murmured dad.

“Ooh, do not worry! It’s not an indiscretion…this stew is deer!” Said Lucas’s uncle with shy smile.

“This week the deer was caught… and the meat is still fresh—” said the wife and while savoring that stew.

“Deer!” Exclaimed with surprise and saw the eyes of my sister Jess grow in fear.

“Please…Son—” Murmured my father again.

“Hmm… Oh, do not worry! It’s all right, we know, the people of the city eat very different from us the mountains people,’ said the uncle of Lucas who smiling and observing me with his sharp eyes. I push the plate with my fingers and said, “Sorry… I prefer to eat potatoes and corn, thanks,”

My sister Jess, got the same and started eating the corn.

“Your stew is so delicious, uncle!” Said Lucas while savoring his plate,

“Do you want, I can prepare something else to eat?” Asked the wife with her bright eyes

“Well… a sandwich, please,” replied while eating the corn.

“Do you like the sausage?” Asked the wife.

“Oh yes… thanks,”

She got up from the table to direct his refrigerator and prepare the sandwich, but for my dismay it had a strange taste, and ask again, “sorry… but this sausage sandwich… is weird!”

“Robin! Stop it!” Said dad in low voice, and I watching he playing with the spoon and did not eat more that stew.

“Ooh… well It’s squirrel sausage—” Said Lucas’s uncle.

“Squirrel!” Exclaimed.

“Yes!The sausage’s squirrel is equal to the rabbit and geese… so delicious!” Said the aunt who enjoying her stew.

“No, thanks, no!    Excuse me I have no more appetite—” Exclaimed with great disgust in my mouth.

My sister Jess, had finished her corn portion and silently observed each of those present. Annie, had finished her portion of stew and Lucas started serving a second portion. I watch that dad dish had not advanced more and also my mother, both ate piece of bread and cheese.

“The cheese is delicious!” Said mum.

“Thanks! It’s the only thing we bought in the city… when we got off the mountain,” smiling shyly Lucas’s uncle.

“Do you have children?” Asked.

“Of course! We have children,” said the aunt, “are nine and I am a grandmother of many grandchildren. They do not live with us but lived here in the mountain too,”

“Ooh!” Exclaimed, can feeling the cold and bright look of that woman.

“Why do people fear the Izzu Forest?” Asked.

-When there was a silence-

Something in my question had made Lucas’s uncles nervous, who decided to change the subject quickly, “do you want hot tea?” Asked the aunt, “is it natural, and do you want it with a slice of lemon?”

My parents, did not accept, they continued to drink the wine, like Annie and Lucas. Me and Jess, accept the tea.


Lucas’s aunt got up from the table to prepare the hot tea in a huge teapot of ancient pottery, the husband picked up some dishes from him and his wife who had finished to eat.

“I can still remember Annie’s face, when she taste my frogs soup at Lucas’s house! Ha Ha,” Laughed Lucas’s uncle, and drinking his glass of wine.

“What…? Frog soup?” Said mum and observing Annie that her cheeks were flushed.

“Oh yeah! My uncle’s specialty!” Said cheerfully Lucas.

“Certainly! And, my specialty is the omelette of geese eggs! Ooh! In good season many geese come here to the mountain, they are so tasty! Yum!” Said Lucas’s aunt.

Observe the look of surprise of my parents.

“Well… my family is from the city and… they are not habitual to enjoy different foods, they do not want to despise your kitchen,” Said Annie with her cheeks flushed.

“Oh my dear! Do not worry! We’re not even eat his city ‘s food!” Smiled Lucas’s aunt.

“I think… that our food is more tasty, tender and very varied—” Smiled the husband, and observing each one of us.

Mum and dad, they did not respond, maybe they did not understand or something made them be silent. My sister Jess, started playing with her cell phone and chatting with her friends. Annie, spoke quietly with Lucas.

“What’s matter with this Izzu Forest?” Asked again to break that silence, “I’ve heard speak some about a Legend?”

-There was a silence-

Felt dad with surprise looked at me. Lucas was staring at me and serious, like Annie. Mum, push her plate with the fingers in sign of having finished, she nervously cleans her lips and watch dad.

“Well… Hum, It’s not so much to say about this—” Said under Lucas’s uncle, watching his wife who had his bright eyes fixed on me, that look to remember something, but did not know what.

“They are just Legends!” Said Lucas’s aunt, getting up from the table and removing the last dishes from the table, “it’s a simple ancient legend of this Forest… say a lot things but still nobody or rather none, has confirmed it,”

“I think… it’s a legend to attract more tourists to the Forest,” said Luke’s uncle who smiled shyly and while drinking his glass of wine and staring at me, was able to see the same eye shine than his wife’s,

“It’s just… legends!” Said Lucas who smiled and beginning to offer wine to my parents and Annie.

My sister Jess and I, drank the hot tea, but looked at my cup and got the impression that something was moving inside, I thought, “maybe it was the tea leaves,”

“So… Is your first time in the Izzu forest?” Asked Lucas’s uncle to my father.

“Ooh yes! It’s our first time on vacation that we come to this place… hmm, normally we go to a private club or travel to another city—” Answered dad in low tone.

“Aha! You not lived the reality of Nature alive!” Grinned Lucas’s uncle who smiling and watching my parents.

“At night it’s dangerous, like everywhere,” said Lucas’ aunt, who washed the dishes, “for this reason we have iron gates in the windows and doors for security reasons,”

“Reason at night we close always the windows, it is something…safer,” said the husband, who got up from the table to help his wife finish the kitchen work.

“Everywhere there are dangers, my parents’ house they always steal at night in holidays… maybe, this the reason they do not go out,” smiled timidly Lucas,

“That’s the reason why this house does not have many windows… like in normal houses,” I said.

There was no response, and again changed the subject to inviting us to go to the living room.


Lucas’s aunts spoke something in a low voice with Lucas, then they showed us go into the living room. Lucas’s uncle went ahead talking with my parents and Lucas with Annie behind, Jess look at me and asked,

“I can go to the bedroom?”

“I think yes,  Jess,”

“Sorry but… I go to the bedroom now, good night to everyone,” said Jess with the cell phone in hand and then went to the bedroom.

Felt closing the door.

That huge living room did not have anything in particular, had comfortable couch, no lamps, a huge fireplace, no decoration on its walls, only a few

Halloween ornaments on top of this fireplace and nothing more. Mum and dad were hugging each other in the couch warming themselves, began to feel a very cold air. Lucas, invite for more wine to them and my sister Annie observed the huge pieces of logs burning in the fireplace.

“Annie told me that… you like fishing?” Asked Lucas ‘s uncle to dad.

“Ooh yes! Well, in the city we have an artificial lake and share with friends some hours of relaxation,” said dad who smiled and drinking his hot tea.

“We have a huge lake and… I think you would like the idea of to share a good haunting together,” smiled Lucas’s uncle.

“Yes… I think—” Dad answered and then a silence.

There was a certain tension and maybe it would be because they had just met.

When we heard bark our Chihuahua doggy.

“Ahh! My baby calling me,” said mum to finishing fast her cup of tea.

Then we heard the scream of fear, horror and death pain of our Chihuahua doggy that made us feel scary horror, we had never heard it like this before.

Mum so nervously got up quickly from the chair and ran desperately towards the bedroom.

“Hmm… today our doggy has been very strange, well, let’s see what happened now,” said Dad so confused go away towards the bedroom.

In the living room we only had my sister Annie, Lucas, her uncle and me.

Lucas’s uncle continued to drink his glass of wine. Lucas spoke quietly with Annie, who was confused, when we heard Mum cries of desperation.

I ran to the bedroom and Mum was sitting on the bed and screaming of nervous and desperately with tears in her eyes, Dad so confused tried to consoling, I watching all around there but did not know what had happened there.

“Mummy, what happened here?” Asked Annie from the doorway, behind

her is Lucas and his uncle immobile.

“Ooh! Somebody took my little one! My baby! Noo, oh noo!” Cried mum with desperation and grabbing the Chihuahua ‘s pile.

“What…? Do you think someone taking out?” I asked.

“Yes! I looked in the closet, in the suitcases and in the bed without finding our little doggy—” Said Dad who observing us with eyes full of confusion.

When Lucas’s uncle exclaimed and pointed to the small window, “sorry… but, who left the window open?”

“Maybe some animal from the Forest entered—” Said Lucas who hugging Annie was more confused.

“What…? Impossible! But, have small bars there!” I replied, “it’s impossible for an animal to come here through that window.”

“The body of our little doggy… is not very big and… maybe saw something outside and came out behind… mm, I do not know, sorry I’m so confused,” said Dad.

“Noo, no! My poor baby, is outside in that dawn forest… with cold… Ooh please help my baby please!” Cried inconsolably and desperation Mum.

“Hmm… It’s so dark to look it now… also with the torches couldn’t find it now… we could only wait… until tomorrow, sorry—” Said Lucas’s uncle, who observing the scene.

“Tomorrow? No, please! Help my baby now, please!” Shrieked hysterically Mum, “tomorrow will be dead my baby, help please help…!”

I walked slowly towards the window and there was no sign of strength or of having broken the glass of that small window, it was only totally open and the icy wind was moving the curtains, look out, it was all very dark, when felt some sound in the grass near the window, as if crawling some, my curious eyes were looking for something, but could not distinguish what it was.

“What do you watch Robin… is there my baby?” Asked Mum.

“Hum… I do not know, Mum… I felt something in the grass crawling—”

Lucas’s uncle looked at me seriously and said, “the winds of the forest and the mountain always make strange rumors at night,”

“My baby! Please help please!” Cried desperately Mum.

“Well… it is better that we retire.. we can not do anything at this time… tomorrow we will go out to looking for,” said Lucas’s uncle then saying goodbye and walking away.

“It is better to leave Dad alone… please do you have some calming medicine for Mummy?” Said Annie to Lucas.

I still observed that window, my heart throbbed with anguish.

“Go to rest Robin… I’ll be here with mum… she needs to rest now,” said Dad in a low voice while helping to lie on the bed, “please son, close your window and tell Jess the same.”

“Okay Dad… you’re right… good night,” I said, left the bedroom and closed the door, everything was silent in this hall, could not feel the rumors of the other bedrooms, my mind still was very confused by what happened tonight…


I did not know Annie and Lucas were in their bedrooms. Went to Jess’s bedroom, opened the door carefully and was sleeping with the headphones, watch that his window was closed. When, felt a murmur of voices in the distance, it did not listening very good, so decided to walk slowly down that narrow hallway in the direction of the huge living room, but there was none and the chimney was still burning -giving great heat to the whole house- when continued listening to those low voices that made slight murmurs, walked towards the door at the entrance and it was closed, when saw light in the kitchen, walked without making a sound with my shoes towards the threshold of the door, being able to hear the murmur of the voices were Lucas’s uncles spoke in a language that did not understand or maybe, “it is the dialect of the people of this forest,” I thought, when felt their silence and maybe they knew that someone was spying on them, felt something crawling on the floor, again that same sound felt in mum ‘s window, so came back on tiptoes without wishing made some noise, went to my bedroom with my heart pounding, did not know why felt fear and anguish, closing the door quickly and went to the window to close it, when saw movement out there again, seemed to see some dim lights and I thought, “maybe it was all my imagination and desire to find our little doggy,” the cries of mum, the bright eyes of Lucas’s uncles, the indifference in going to look for, many things turned in my head and many things did not understand well, was not yet an adult to understand better things and situations like this. Did not put on my bed-clothes because was determined to go and look for our doggy just wake up, turn off the light went to this window behind the curtain could not see anything, the dense haze of the deep night had fallen and the light of the house portal and the car of dad could not be seen, just I thought, “poor little doggy will be dying of cold outside,” I sighed and then left the bedroom go to the bathroom. It was as strange as the whole house, it had no windows, a small mirror that could only see the fourth part of my face and a small shower without curtains, without doors, nothing of decoration and there was only soap and a small wipe. Took out my toothbrush and the cream to clean my teeth, observing myself in the mirror, made an effort to try look at my face or part of my face, that mirror was not good because it reflected deformed parts of my face and I thought, “why Lucas’s uncles would use mirrors like that?” Left the bathroom to the bedroom, when again felt the sound of crawling something on the floor, looked around and there was none. I went into the bedroom, looked everything around me and just had to lie on the bed, covered myself with the pile and put on my headphones, wanted to be concentrate on the music, wished at that moment not to think more about what happened tonight, felt that anguish again, when in the ceiling of the bedroom a huge shadow was reflected, towards slow movements seemed to scratch something afterwards, seemed to see sudden movements and join other shadows, they walked as if they are insects or flies, “what I imagining,” I thought, are just animals of the forest. Remember my doggy, the confusion returned to me, put more volume to the music and tried closed my eyes.


I woke up and felt rays of light on my face, got up quickly, turned off the radio and removed my headphones, look at my watch and it was almost 7 am, went to the bathroom to wash my face and teeth, in the hall everything was silent and I thought, “It’s better to let dad and mum rest, Jess could not help me in anything and did not want to disturb Annie with Lucas,” went in bedroom to grab my hat, scarf, gloves, look at in my briefcase the torch of hands, in my mind was only the idea of going in search my doggy, my heart beat so strongly.

Walked without making a sound with my tennis shoes in direction of the living room, there was none, then went to the front door, when someone spoke to me behind back, was Lucas’s uncle who watched me so closely,

“very early you’ve gotten up, boy,”

“Good morning Sir… Hum… honestly, could not sleep well with the loss of our doggy,”

“Ooh I see… but least eat some breakfast, boy!” Said and inviting me go to the kitchen, was boiling the water in the huge teapot, cups and plates were on the table and were prepared scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and orange juice.

“Good morning! You’re the first to get up, boy,” said Lucas ’s aunt, “I prepared breakfast of the city! I hope like it.”

“Do you want tea or coffee with milk?” Asked Lucas’s uncle.

Looked those dark and bright eyes of Lucas’s aunt, it seemed that did not have pupils, “which I am thinking,” I thought, when answered, “just orange juice, please,”

“Do not you eat anything else?” Said Lucas’s uncle while served himself.

“No, thanks… It’s just… I’m very worried about my little doggy, sir,”

“Ooh! I see—” Said Lucas ‘s aunt who sitting before me with her dark and bright eyes, it seemed that was not blinking, watching me closely like an animal to her prey! I had seen it on TV shows, like hunted the birds in the woods to small mice. Quickly drink the juice, “thanks for the juice… Hum… I’m going now,” I said and getting up from the table.

“Ooh!” Said Lucas’s aunt without any movement, without saying another word, she was just sitting in front of me with those dark and bright eyes, as if waiting for my next move, so walked towards the door -without turning my back- when she got up from the chair and could see her strange shadow on the wall -the same that saw reflected in the night on the roof of bedroom, so I walked slowly and could see the brightness of his eyes light up more, when turned and walked quickly to the principal door. Put on quickly my hat, gloves and scarf, opened that door, when I went out to the front porch of the house, gave a big sigh not to have the look of that woman. Looked around, thinking about where could start my search, then thought it was very strange that dad and Jess are still asleep, always dad is the first to get up, maybe mum did not feel well but “is so silence in that house,” I thought. Should be concentrate on my search and not waste more time, imagined how nervous and frightened our little doggy would be, so headed towards the my parents’ bedroom window, their window was closed, looked the distance between the window and the car of the dad, with the entrance door and could see that it was closer to the brush of the forest than to the road. Approached the window without care to not make any rumours, with my lit torch looking for traces of animal tracks and found none, then I thought, “If our doggy came out behind someone, should left her little tracks, but there were not any,” walked around the window and walked away a bit, maybe could find something but there were no prints, went back to the window and looked from the beginning and on the wall there were no signs of pet nails, if was dragged out, but, I thought, “how did leave without leaving traces and how could get it if someone stole it?” Again looked carefully at the grass and weeds and found some signs of spider web and thought, “spider could not load my dog, it needed more strength,” my mind imagined that surely it could have been a big snake, to be able to enter through that small space of the window and get out my doggy, “but what my mind imagined,” I thought, yeah had seen a lot of science fiction films. Walked into the brush but it was difficult to walk through that narrow space between branches, just flying through the trees could enter the forest, so I thought about going for the other direction means the entrance to the house and where the cars are, walked again towards the entrance of the house, when heard a rumour of crawling something in the dry leaves of the field, lit my torch so could achieve something, but everything was very dense and could just see dry and twisted trunks one with the other, always with the spider’s web there, watched well and saw no sign or sound of my doggy. Returning to the entrance door, observe everything in calm and silence there, so decided to start my search alone. Okay, walked away felt the cold air that morning on my cheeks, to tear my eyes, I dry with my gloves, when look at backwards -for not lost my track- learned it when made camp at the school. I could guess the lit kitchen light and a shadow of someone watching me from the window, thought would be Lucas’s uncles. I knew that could not get distracted and not waste my time, so looked in front of me which way to go and chose the path where did not have the undergrowth, always walked observing behind mine to not lose the line to the house, when should return there. That road gave the impression of going uphill, the cold air became more intense in my nostrils and my heart throbbed harder, take a breath deep and start to walk not very fast, the pressure of the rise to palpitate my heart strong and only had in mind to find some trace of my doggy. Looked around again, there was no noise or movement, was all static at that moment, turned my head to look at the house and looked that had gone a good way, not wanted to give up, did not want to see sad mum again, this gave me the strength to keep going on that road that was becoming narrower with so much weeds and dry grass. Looked at my steps -they left a mark- this was good because could go back to the house, I kept looking where a little dog could hide, but there were no holes or pieces of trunks -as it was seen in the forest films- this forest was all weeds interlaced with each other with dry trunk that gave the impression of being fingers or long strips that were they joined together. There was no smell of grass like in the park, here it smelled like rotten water or something that made the smell unpleasant and stronger when the air was moving hard there. I had a long way to go when decided to take a break, look in my pockets if found a candy or gum, to calm my anxiety and anguish, when felt something that crawled through the dry leaves very slowly, thought it would be a snake or maybe some mountain animal, so I got up and the rumour stopped, I started my path and the sound start too, when I made a sudden pause and that sound also stopped sounding, then I thought, ‘being spied by some animal that wanted to hunt me or attack me,’ my heart started to beat harder and look up if could climb on one of those trees, but they were very tall and very dark in their tall weeds, “strange it is dark colour that high part of the tree, normally one can distinguish its branches, as in the trees of the park,” I thought, started walking fast and almost avoided making a loud noise with my shoes, avoiding stepping on the dry leaves, but what madness I thought, “everything was surrounded by dry leaves!” I turned to try to see my way and could not distinguish the house was just weeds and trees, looked around me and the road was almost the same, walked a few more steps, was decided not return frustrated of not finding my doggy, when I managed to see behind that dry brush a light, “maybe it’s another way,” I thought, went to that light and found myself in the half of those tall trees, being able to see two very narrow paths with each other, I thought, “now, which way to take?’’ There was no time to reflect because I had someone behind me and had no waste more time just needed chose quickly, so I decided the path that almost followed the road through which I had travel until here, crossing bushes without weeds of dry trunks, “where would this road lead me?” I thought, without an answer.


This new road I had chosen, was not narrow but it was in the form of a serpentine, I had forgotten about my persecutor or who was spying on me, just thought about the road to where I was, because they were not only dry leaves but had big stones that stumbled me, without being able to distinguish it because the dried leaves covered well it. The trunks of the trees became thicker and in turn cut off the natural light, according to my watch it was 11:14 am and we were not in the afternoon to darken that part of the forest, look up without distinguishing anything, everything was very dark. When I thought, “where was heading, because had been so far away and I felt like prey?” When I stopped and lit my torch spinning it all around me, that sound stopped and I could not see anything, when I thought about returning or following my search, but felt worried about myself for having walked away a lot from the way home, when I thought, “maybe Mum was worried not only by our doggy but also by me!” When reflect, maybe my doggy went out in search of something and got lost in the road, like me at this moment, that did not know where I was. Kept my torch lit and felt some rumors around me, I thought, “maybe they were wolves, in the documentaries it is said that the wolves surround their prey!” My heart started beating harder and my anguish became more stronger, when decided to walk faster, getting to hear that louder rumor, it was like behind me according to how walked. I returned to light with my torch all around me and that sound stopped sounding, when with the torch it shines upwards, there where was the darkness of its dense bushes, when something moved up there and its leaves fell on top of me -by the movement of someone up there- when I heard the rumor closer to me, it seemed that it was a near from me, but it did not give me more anguish or fear that see this macabre and horror scene, up there, between the bush of that tree, never ever seen in all my short life! First imagine it would be a huge dark animal, shrunk trapping his victim in the bush of that huge tree, but could not see his arms, could only see a huge black bulge that moved with force and rapidity, I approached closer to the tree, directing my torch directly towards that bulk or animal, when it gave a movement brusque and opened in front of me showing me its real size and shape, its huge and long hairy legs opened threatening before me, in the form of attack, its bright eyes -It reminded me of someone’s eyes- but there was no time to think at that moment, when gave a horrible and sharp scream that made my heart beat hard to see that creepy and huge horrible black spider in front of my eyes!

This leave its prey -a poor animal that was wrapping it in its web like stickiness, could distinguish its movements wanting to free itself- but this creepy spider go down the trunk straight to me, in that moment I just thought to escaping from there fast! I turned and looked quickly to where should return, when I was stunned by fear and the sound of that thing coming towards me, began to run in some direction, I just wanted escaping from that macabre scream that made my nerves get hard, I felt the rustle among the leaves stronger, when tripped with those rocks and fell, hitting my knee, looked that I had made a small hole in my pants, touched with my hand and looked that my knee was bleeding a bit, take my torch again and look at the stones and to my horror, those were not rocks but bones and skulls of skeletons of animals and humans!

I felt a cold sweat, felt nauseous and told myself, “can not finish here, I have to find a way out.”


My heart was beating hard and I started to run, remembered my parents, my sisters, our little doggy, yeah now I understand how it came out through that small space in the window and iron bars!

“Poor our little doggy, now I knew what had been!” I thought, with tears in my eyes, knew that at that moment should be strong and survive. Ran without a vision to where was going, just wanted to escape from that creepy horror that was behind me, in front of me was a huge tree and thought there I could hide, when I looked with one eye what thing was behind me and could looked horrified creepy huge spiders of different shades and sizes! But, not only walked behind me, came down from the trees! When I look up and shine with my torch the top of all the trees and could see how they moved to the reflection of my torch, could not scream just running, but where to run if all those macabre horrible huge spiders were on the ground and in the trees, when I felt the sharp scream and turned to see, for my misfortune was that huge black spider, it seemed that his screams were to communicate with the others creepy spiders, his long and pointed legs was the rumor in the dry leaves, when I turned to keep running and tripped over something,

“Hey boy!”

Was a cop in front of me, his mirror glasses and his clothes, was a highway cop, “what do you doing here? Why do you come in the forest?”

“Please Sir police, get me out of here! My parents must be scared, please!” Grinned with tears in my eyes, “I, just came to find my doggy… that was lost yesterday night,”

“It was lost yesterday night? Hum… and you, are also lost too in the Izzu Forest? Tremendous coincidence boy!” Said the police who observing me.

“What…? Sorry Sir I am so confuse—” I said with fear.

“Yes, boy! This is a magical forest that has a legend in its past… it is said that a witch on Halloween night wished to take revenge of the people here and make a magical enchanted, where humans become huge spiders and go out in search of food in the forest, only in Halloween seasons! Hum… although, it is said that some like the fresh blood and they become insatiable even outside this season—”

“Excuse me, sir! But… the legends do not exist,” I said in a low tone, “maybe they are only forest spiders and they have grown more than normal Ooh… I seen TV programs where it is said that there are spiders and tarantulas that exceed their real size… I do not know sir,”

The police kept quietly watching me and then took the glasses in his hand and showed me his eyes, bright and dark -the same shade as Lucas ‘s uncle! – I thought.

“Please, Sir police… take me back to that house! My parents must be very worried and it’s already getting dark here!” Grinned with great fear.

The police did not answer me, look around and said, “follow me boy!”, the policeman put on his glasses again, walked in front of me and I thought to follow him, “It’s police and maybe it took me back home,” I thought. Felt the sound of the dry leaves behind me, but did not want to look up, just followed the police who knew the road very well, we managed to see a small light between all the brush and trees, when we came to a path where it was moving away from that forest, in front of us was a dry field with an old house in the half, gave the impression of being an uninhabited farm, the woods were old and some woods fallen. The police went straight to this dry brush, crossed it as if knowing where to go, when I stopped and looked back -knew there were those creepy spiders waiting for me- I did not have another way that according to that police, I thought, “maybe the spiders did not enter in that house,” when I crossed that dry brush but it did not look like dry brush, it was too soft and tick to be such, “what could this be?”, I asked myself, as followed the steps of the police that had already entered that old house. When I entered, the police had his back to me and asked me again, “why do you come in this Izzu Forest, boy,”

“Sir, I repeat it to you… I came here looking for my doggy… it was lost yesterday at night,” I said with fear, “my Mother suffers a lot this loss and will suffer more if not come back to see me—”

“Your little dog? Hum… and, where did this happen yesterday, boy?” Asked me police without moving from his spot.

“Yes sir, we came to visit the house of some relatives of my sister’s boyfriend    We do not live here sir,”

“Sure, I know that!”

“We are from the city sir… and, that family lives near the lake down there,”

“Ooh! I know who are they… but nobody told you not to enter lonely in this Izzu Forest?”

“Honestly, sir… not, I just listen something say, but… I do not know anything

else!” I said with tears in my eyes, “please Sir… take me back home, please!” “And… you do not know anything else about how to survive this legend, boy,” said the policeman when turned around and took off his glasses again, showing me those eyes again! The same look of the Lucas and Lucas ‘s uncles!

“Boy… we are people that for years after years… we become enormous horrible spiders… insatiable of food, without being able to control it, it is the fault of that chanted to which we can not avoid it! Sorry boy!”

“What…? What you telling me! Noo, please, Sir noo! Help me to return home, please!” I grinned with tears in my eyes, and falling on my knees on that floor dirty and full of that soft tick undergrowth.

“We can not!” Screamed voices behind me, when I turned around, there was Lucas ‘s uncles and Lucas, front of me!

“What…? Why me!” I asked scared.

“You have crossed this forest and… now you are part of us… we can not leave you free, you could talk to the city of us!” Grinned Lucas’ uncle.

“Your parents and Annie might suspect me!” Said Lucas.

“Because… you’re appetising… like your doggy, ha ha,” smiled Lucas’s aunt.


When I look at their shadows, reflected on the wall, remember the shadow that I had seen in the house of the Lucas ‘s uncles and that reflection in the ceiling of the bedroom, when they started to become creepy horrible huge spiders!

Their bodies were brilliant -sticks I would say- their loins varied in color with each other but their eyes, yes those eyes were always the same, bright and dark, without pupils! I tried to run to the broken window, when felt on my face that thing that flew like sticky feathers, but they were not feathers, it was the thread of the spiders web, which started to roll up me with power! With my hands try to cleanse me, and keep running, but more amount of spider web rolled me with more force and tightened without mercy my body, I felt to wrap my arms strong as well as my legs, with force they turned me quickly -felt nauseous- when stop turning me and turn me around to see his macabre face!

I saw that huge black spider with phosphorescent red and blue spots in front of me, its skin was bright, its teeth began to move quickly, saw its long and strong hairy legs, approaching his huge mouth, when felt a big sharp punch on my right side of my body, the pain was horrible -inexplicable- opened my mouth with high pain without scream because that cobweb was entering in my mouth without letting me scream,

 “Help me!”

Oh my tears fell from hard pain, I knew that would not return home not more, I knew that my mother would not only suffer for our doggy but also for me, this destroyed my heart in many pieces, I knew had lost everything, but did what I could, no had luck, yes I felt frustrated. That creepy huge spider came back to lift me up and ended up to rolling me completely! I could not see but I could hear everything, was still alive! The spider, took me somewhere, dragged my body to then throw myself on something soft and warm, then felt his legs make a rustle in the old wood, the macabre screams were strong between them and then felt all them leave the house, and the scream ceased. When, something moved beneath me, so I also tried to move my body too -like the worms when they are caterpillars- I could not feel rumors or voices, only those movements, then felt that they were hot bodies and I thought it was not just me, but there were others like me there wrapped up, unable to talk, unable to scream, unable to move, just we were there for his dinner!

My heart was pounding, I felt a sense of fear, anxiety, anguish, hysteria anddespair, I had never felt all this together, but thought about how could be saved, so I decided in concentrate, “what was know about the spiders?” And, remembered when I played with my friends to catch them, to put them in jars and see how their movements were and how they died, but some survived, many sometimes I watched in the park and in the school how they wove their webs to leave them there, waiting for some insect to pass and to stay stuck, the movement of their bodies, freeing himself from his death, the spider ran behind his web and then entangled with his web, some were hung there and others were taken with them to his lair, but in both cases their prey were always alive because they drank their warm blood little by little, they liked to have their prey alive! I do not know how long was there, until when felt again those sounds on the floor again and felt another body is thrown over me, felt like his body was writhing of anguish and hysterical pain, I knew it was that huge sharp sting of the spider, I felt at my side move of pain, my tears began to fall, my horror panic and anxiety was filled in me, when again I felt that immense creepy pain again, my body moved frenetically of hysterical pain can not breath my tears falling, now I knew what the end of my doggy, maybe it was next to me, full of panic and full of pain when being bled time after time, like all of us there!

“Even when I can resist it?” Asked myself, wanted to know how much life I had left, how much could stand it, my mind was in great confusion, pain and sadness. I wanted to tell my parents, that some of those creepy horrible huge spiders drinking my blood in a moment without being able to do anything just wait for my death, yes I wanted to tell my father,

“that legend… was real!”


The lights of the patrol car lit up the entire entrance of the house, that afternoon was dark and was only lit by the lights of the patrol car.

Lucas’s uncle was with his nephew, talking to the police who took notes.

Robin’s mother was crying and scream with hysteria eyes, her daughter hugging her with nervous eyes and tears. The other minor daughter, was with his eyes full of tears and nervous, looking everywhere to wanting see his brother. Robin’s father, standing motionless at the door of the house, when the police broke up, took off his mirror glasses, and spoke,

“do not worry Sir… Hum, we are making contact with the road and the forest police… to be able to find your son,”

Robin’s father did not respond at once, but can watched that bright look and dark eyes, he felt a macabre vibration inside him, but he did not know what to do or say in that moment,


‘’Well, he is a young boy and will survive… will know how to take care of himself! Hum… I hope to be able to find him before gets darker, or we will leave the search for tomorrow sir,”

the police greeted and retired in his car. Robin’s father watched the lights of the police get lost in the serpentine way, losing in that forest, and feel sadness to remember his son lose there in that damn forest and thought,

‘should never have come here!’ But they were there and he knew that had to solve this case and stay united with his family so as not lose more members. Lucas’s uncle entered in the house with his nephew.

Annie took his hysterical and nervous mother inside the house. Jess watched his father silently with tears in his eyes, just heard the voice of his father said,

that damn forest… that legend—” He repeated over and over again, his gaze fixed on that Izzu Forest.


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