“Christmas Street Lantern”🎅

“Christmas Street Lantern” in Cardboard

Hello 🙂 

Today I will show you how to make a “Christmas street lamp” in cardboard with recycled materials. I saw many tutorials and it seemed easy to do it but in reality it is not, you just need patience and harmony to do it, remember that “mistakes is to learn”. Do not forget to gift me “like” to can continue creating more ideas and share them with you!

The materials are easy to find at home, the difficult thing is to assemble everything and do it, but do not be discouraged, for you it will be easier than for me when I start doing it 😀 !!


metal roll tubes (that strong tube)

strong carton of boxes, (not weak cardboard boxes)

black acrylic color

rubber eva white, red, green, yellow

felt green, red

golden aluminum foil

PVA glue

white acrylic

piece of sponge

silver glitter

hot silicone

Christmas decorations

pencil, scissors and cutter

pieces of paper kitchen roll (which will be gummed and used as layers on our surface)

paper scotch

*Free Pattern Amadriadi

Step1: The pattern with his sizes can be found in my “gallery” of my website 🙂 Now according to the indicated on my pattern, with a pencil we will mark our design of the windows of the lamppost, of the pyramid and of the upper base of the pyramid, the base of the streetlight and the base of the whole lantern, on top of our cardboard base. Do not be discouraged if something did not go well, everything can be fixed! Now we will begin to hit with scotch of letter (both sides) of our pyramid and of its superior base, thus we will construct our pyramid (that will go on top of our streetlamp) and our lamppost, as you see in my design, when your armed pyramid is ready we can start to stick pieces of gummed kitchen paper and let it dry well before starting to give it a “base” (like indicate in previous tutorial here on my YouTube channel!). For our windows from the street lamp to the strip (according to the mold) we will cut with the cutter where the glasses and frames will go, we will cut strips in strong cardboard (to highlight a real lantern!) the measurements are in my mold!) with these strips border the top and bottom of the 4 windows to the outside and also made the “cross” that will go to the center of our sale which we will both stick on the inside of our window with hot silicone, now cut pieces of golden foil (it’s great when it has the light against it seems lit!) I did not like the idea of ??putting butter paper on it, it looked very sad. Well we stick our aluminum foil with silicone inside, now we can give it a “base” to our window before painting it in black (if you stain the glasses of your lamp you can clean it with a wet sponge), remember to clean your hands well (black color stain!). Let everything dry, the window and the pyramid. We will also do these steps with the base of our lamp, (which will support our lamp), I made it a little bigger than measure our lamppost to give it an almost real fantasy! For this you should measure the circumference of the tube in the center of your base and cut with the cutter, with the hot silicone you will stick the tube to the base of the lamp, then with a strip of 2.5 cm cardboard will surround the tube and the base of the street lamp, which stick pieces of gummed paper (I use 4 layers!). Let dry well. The measures of your bluff can vary according to your will) I create a bluff of 95 cm high! For the base of our lantern, it is very important to “reinforce the tube (which will contain our lamppost) for this you should measure the “circumference” of the tube in the center of the piece of cardboard (I use 3 bases!), now cut with the cutter the circumference, with the hot silicone we will stick the tube with the hole that you have created in your base. Now we will make a 2.5cm strip, equally surround it to your tube giving it a reinforcement so that it does not move to the weight of the lamppost!), Now you can join the strong tubes of aluminum foil (which will be the bluff foot!) according to the height you want your lamp (I use 4 tubes), I remind you that the measurements are in my pattern 🙂 we will glue pieces of kitchen paper gummed and before giving him his “base” you will have to verify if it is resistant (I use 4 layers!) and then paint it black. Let dry well.

Step2: Our base is already dry (it is here that we must see if it is resistant, if not wobble, we will start to give it its base and then give it color! Sincerely there is no other color than the intense black in all our bluff Paint the tube and base well and let it dry well. In this time we go to our lamppost and to your pyramid you will give its “base”, let dry well and then paint it in black. Let dry.

Step3: This is the last step and it is to put your imagination and imagination to decorate it! I with a piece of sponge and acrylic white color, put touches of snow to the whole lantern, let dry well before to put the glitter on it! I believe in felt Christmas decorations and the little bird robin foamy, the Santa is felted and finally I gave a touch of snow! Use the snow that is combined with water I put PVA drops so that it sticks to my base of the streetlight and to the roof of the pyramid. If you like me I wait for your comments and do not forget to give me “like” to continue creating 🙂

thanks x Remember that to “create” you must “practice” and to learn new tips you must make mistakes 🙂 do not be discouraged with yourself, creativity, It is in the soul of all. Creating is not a competition but sharing your fantasy and creativity. My previous videos (tutorials) is to “give you an idea of ??your next creation”, maybe you have some mistakes that you can do your way or add other materials or techniques.

Tips: I recommend NOT using the kitchen roll tube (it is very weak and when you use the layers of “gummed paper” and you paint it, it moistens a lot that it breaks in 2! 😦 Do not use the colors very liquid. Do not use boxes of perfumes or chocolates (your cardboard is very thin and nothing resistant!). I decided to make strong and strong bases that can keep my bluff (since the streetlight will go on!). I put many layers of gummed paper to make it strong and resist. Also as you can see in the photos of the tutorial, I indicated that in the 2 beginnings of my your tube videos 🙂

You must secure it with some hoops made of cardboard to reinforce it and put a lot of gummed paper on it to make it really hard! Be careful with the black color acrylic: D I buy gray dark and I thought it was black! You can wear varnish if you wish but with all the trimmings on it you will not really need it! The frost as indicated in my previous tutorials in my YouTube channel, you can combine it with drops of water and PVA to run fast to your decoration and dry quickly! (the amount of water and PVA you should measure it according to the amount of your glitter (not very watery not very dense). I made the ornaments and only put extra decoration like the golden chain and the fruits or cones.


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