“Who is the Author Celia Bailes?”✍

Born in Lima (Peru), studied Engineering at the University, worked for an important Telephone Company, but his adventurous spirit took her until Europe, where lived more than 17 years in Parma (Italy), there since 2003 is registered as “Artisan”, to giving freedom her artistic soul to create his own line “amadriadi” (the Forest Celtic Fairy). Then moved to Houghton Le Spring (England) from there continues to create, produce and share his ideas. Love to combine techniques, materials, colors and recycle. It’s her
beloved Cat “Leone” the first inspiration to create and write his first Novel. Start to write 2009 her “Short Tales” (Free Editions) and published on several Internet Sites, then decided to write his Novels, Tales, Sagas and continue creating his Free Editions (can read in the Website of the Author), althought still creating Crafts (DIY), is Blogger (can read its various blogs on her Website), appreciate its videos through her channel in youtube and you can find her in different Networks.
Love Nature, support the Protection of Animals and the Environment.
In his heart he carries the memory of every person, place, moment and everything lived in Europe until this day.
Currently the Author lives between England and Peru.
Who does not live, does not dream
Celia Bailes © amadriadi

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